Erika Schlick Explains How Health Coaches Can Help New Moms Navigate Motherhood


There are a few things every mom will tell you about new motherhood: “You’ll be exhausted all the time;” “You’ll experience sleep deprivation on a whole new level;” “You will discover a whole new list of fears you’d previously never even thought of;” “Your hormones will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.” 

It’s overwhelming, in the best way possible. And some days, it will be really, really tough. But it’s worth every single second.

So, as first-time moms embark on this new journey in life, how can they do it in a way that allows them to still put their health and well-being first? “That’s where a health coach can help,” says blogger, author, and health coach Erika Schlick. “We may have personal trainers, dieticians, and therapists for all our various health needs, but what about when we don’t know where to start with any of it, or how to bring it all together?” she adds. “A health coach is a partner through your healthcare journey who can help you establish your goals and figure out how to get there.”

New motherhood

It’s no secret that becoming a mom is a totally transformative experience. It’s an incredible physical and emotional journey that can leave new parents feeling like totally different people on the other side. 

“And no amount of books, articles, or classes could ever prepare you for just what that is going to feel like,” Schlick says. “That’s why it’s not unusual for new moms to feel out of their depth when your life suddenly transforms with the arrival of your perfect bundle of joy.” 

Some mothers may experience a sense of a loss of lost identity when they have a child — there’s no time for their passions, priorities change, and even the way they feel in their bodies can be challenging. 

“New moms can quickly feel their own well-being priorities being pushed back, which can be a challenging mind-space to break out of,” Schlick adds. “A health coach can help new moms navigate their way out of the haze and figure out a new way to look after their health going forward — one that’s in line with their new responsibilities.”

Bouncing back

“For so many years, new moms have been faced by the ridiculous expectation to ‘bounce back,’” Schlick explains. “Not only is this extremely outdated, but it’s a totally unrealistic expectation. These bodies have just created life! And all people can think about is when they will look exactly as they did prepartum.” 

In reality, new moms will take health and exercise totally at their own pace — everyone’s body is different and so are their birth experiences. “Navigating your body postpartum is a deeply personal choice for each new mother,” Schlick says. “Some moms may only be ready for a short walk in the park six weeks postpartum, while others may be back to some lightweight training within the month.” 

But a health coach isn’t necessarily there to craft a new gym program with you. “It’s more about setting realistic goals and establishing the steps to get there,” Schlick adds. “Having an advocate is crucial, particularly when you are feeling lonely or vulnerable.”

Postpartum mental health and wellness

The post-birth months are an incredibly sensitive time for women mentally. Not only is it a whirlwind of new challenges, but around one in seven women can develop postpartum depression. “Recovering mentally postpartum can be one of the hardest things for new moms,” says Schlick. “If the mental effects are severe, it’s crucial to tell a doctor who can help decide on the best course of action.” 

However, for many new mothers, learning how to self-manage this new landscape of emotion is exactly what they need. “This could be allowing some time for mindfulness or yoga, or perhaps speaking to a therapist about the new challenges you are facing. Or maybe you just need help making sense of everything you are feeling,” Schlick says. “Talking all this through and establishing a plan of action with a health coach can help you feel back in control of your life again. Often, we just need a little push and someone in your corner telling you, ‘You can do it.’”

Cover your bases

“When we don’t know where to start, we may just end up doing all the wrong things,” Schlick says. “How often have you tried a new diet or training plan only to realize it was all wrong for you?” New mothers need someone who not only listens to them, but takes their health goals seriously. “A health coach is someone that can help new mothers feel like their best selves again,” Schlick says, “ in order to be the best parent to their children.”

— Erika Schlick is a personal health coach. Find out more on her blog,

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