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Busy boards, also known as sensory walls, are educational toys for preschool children. These are Busy Boards or cubes that have multiple small items attached to them: buttons, zip lockers, pieces of cloth, latches, laces and so on. By touching them, kids hone their fine motor skills and develop their intellectual abilities. If you want your little ones to grow up being smart, optimistic and proactive, you should purchase such a toy for their room.

How Can the Kids Benefit from a Busy Board

In BumbleBee Smart Store Busy panels belong to the “Montessori toy” category. This means they relate to the Montessori method of educations, which includes encouraging the kids to learn and experiment. According to the Montessori approach, the small ones should be able to touch and move the object to explore how it functions. This enables them to hone their fine motor skills and develop their intellectual abilities.

Fine motor skills require good coordination of our fingers, eyes, brain and the nervous system. Kids should start to develop them before they go to school. Such skills involve the ability to fasten buttons, use scissors or draw with a pencil. After your son or daughter acquires these skills thanks to a busy board, they will become more independent in everyday life.

With the help of such toys, the kids learn to differentiate shapes, colors and textures. Their vocabulary expands. They get to know how to classify objects and express their emotions.

Types of Sensory Walls

The toys can be classified according to the following principles:

  • Gender. Most of the panels are suitable for kids of any gender. However, some panels were designed primarily for boys and others for girls. This tells on their theme and color palette.
  • Size and shape. Large panels should be attached to the wall in the kids’ room. Compact ones (flat or cube-shaped) can be taken on a trip to keep your son or daughter entertained in the transport.
  • Theme. You can buy either a general-themed toy or one that is dedicated to a particular sphere of life, be it clothes or kitchen utensils.
  • Painted or unpainted. Themed ones are most often painted to create a picturesque backdrop for the open-end play, which stimulates the imagination and creative abilities of the small ones.

Plus, there are DIY sensory walls that you can assemble yourself.

The Advantages of Buying Busy Boards at BumbleBee Smart

This online shop was created by a family who has two daughters. They understand how to cater to the tastes of the little ones and their parents very well.

The prices are always kept at a competitive level. The shop offers worldwide delivery of its goods.

Apart from sensory walls, you can purchase climbing furniture here. This section of the site includes Pikler triangles, arches, ramps, cubes and climbers. They are available in either standard or small size, in a multicolored or monochrome version. This furniture helps kids to develop their gross motor skills. With its help, they learn to sit straight, stand up, walk and climb. If you buy several items, you will be able to combine them in complex structures.

All the toys at the BumbleBee Smart shop are made of high-quality birch plywood. They are decorated with non-allergic, water-based paints and varnishes that are entirely safe for human health and the environment. All the elements are firmly attached to the panel so that the kids can not tear them off accidentally.

If you have any questions regarding the goods or the procedure of purchase, feel free to get in touch with the BumbleBee Smart team. They will be happy to consult you and help you choose an excellent toy for your kid.

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Masha Dasha
Masha Dasha
2 years ago

Great! Good useful and multifunctional boards that really contribute to a faster learning of the child. Here in the nursery, where I send the child, such boards are also used and they are very good. So if you have extra money for this, then you will be satisfied.