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My daughter loves Duck Tape.  She makes so many fancy things with it, and now we started letting my son play with it.  He’s the perfect age for the Do It Yourself stage.  We started working on teaching him crafts.  He’s loving all the crafting fun.  And it’s so much fun for me to watch my 17 year old, and my 3 year old, having fun crafting together.  Sarah and Jacob had hours of fun with just a few rolls of Duck Tape.  Sarah made a mini ruby slipper, while Jacob mostly tormented his Sissy, but did have help making mommy a rose.


While there are regular size rolls, there are mini rolls as well.  There are NFL teams, and College teams.  Duck Tape is the ultimate of Do It Yourself projects.  You can make wallets, or flowers.  I love the crafts on Duck Tape Club.  They are amazing.  Take a look.  Also, you can even get glow in the dark Duck Tape.  This is too cool.


If you are looking to craft, Duck Tape Club is your place.  Duck Tape Club gives you all the know how’s to how to craft.  Even if you are just starting, or inexperienced, go to their Club and see how easy it can be.  There’s also a Duck Tape App, as well as How To Videos, etc., you really need to take a look.

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