Diverse and Interesting Paris: What Can You See?


Paris is 20 administrative districts, each of which lives its own life. And it’s not about the list of local attractions, history, or standard of living. The main thing is their special spirit. So, the outskirts of Rivoli still breathe royal-imperial luxury, on the cobblestones of the left bank of the Seine — traces of May 68th (and under the cobblestones of the pavement — the beach), and the road to the “Red Mill,” Moulin Rouge, in the manner of a cabaret is lined with an atmosphere of frivolous demi-light. It is a great pleasure to walk through all of them on a Paris free walking tour.

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Paris doesn’t fight clichés. Roasted chestnuts are indeed sold at the Eiffel Tower. Just Paris is much more than all these stamps. And when you get to the French capital, get to know the whole city as you should, comme il faut. And we, of course, will help you with this — keep our thoroughly updated guide to the city of dreams — Paris.

Little India

Arriving here, you can find yourself in at least three more countries: India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. You don’t need visas for this — just look into the Brady passage (it has been operating, by the way, since 1828!) or, as the locals call it, “Little India.” The place is very colorful and saturated with the culture of South Asia. You can buy almost everything here: from spices and fruits to national clothes, saris, and souvenirs. 

Don’t be afraid and go to local cafés — believe us, trying dhal and curry is much safer here than in their homeland. You won’t have to look for a café for a long time, you will recognize it by the smell. The passage is open from 9.30 to 23, only restaurants are open on Sunday, you will leave without shopping. Here you can also get a haircut or shave with a razor at the lowest price in the city — €7.

Eat nearby. Of the establishments, we heartily recommend Pooja — a small hall and a huge menu, not in Indian style, a good selection of alcohol, you can eat for €12-15. If you want to drink an intricate cocktail from an experienced mixologist (or, in our opinion, a bartender) with Indian tapas, head to Baranaan nearby. The price for a drink starts from €10, but it’s worth it!

Buttes Chaumont Park

Built back in the era of Napoleon III, the park continues to be one of the favorite places of Parisians. And this is not strange, the place is ideal for both a leisurely morning run and a picnic with the family. If you have watched Gaspard Noe’s film “Love,” then you will easily recognize the landscapes. The park is especially beautiful in autumn, when everything around becomes golden. Be sure to visit the top of the hill for an unrealistic view of the northern part of Paris.

If you come to Paris with your soulmate, you definitely need to visit here — the park is considered the most romantic in the city. Caves, lakes, streams, waterfalls — many secluded corners where you can talk about the main thing. If the conversation does not work, the park has 5 zones with free Wi-Fi. In the evening, you can clearly see the sparkling Eiffel Tower from here.

Eat nearby. Very close to the park, you will find the popular Chinese dumpling Raviolis Chinois Nord-Est among the locals. An inconspicuous sign, a glass showcase, several tables inside — and delicious food. If you want to understand why the main character of “Kung Fu Panda” adored Chinese dumplings so much, you are in the right place.

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Geometry Dash
6 months ago

eat close by. The well-known Chinese ravioli restaurant Raviolis Chinois Nord-Est is conveniently located adjacent to the park.

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Glad you like it. We have been using this for several weeks now and it seems to be going nicely. 

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