Different Kinds of Sex Crimes and How to Defend for Them in Ventura?


Ventura is a coastal city in the California state of the US. According to recent reports, around 723 registered sex offenders in Ventura County, CA.

If you or your close ones have been involved in such an unfortunate event, it is best to call a Ventura sex crimes lawyer immediately. Sex crimes are a severe offense in the United States. The state government sets the laws on sex offenses based on the type of crime committed.

Here are some kinds of sex crimes commonly registered in Ventura, California.


It is defined as a non-consensual way of sexual intercourse with a person of the same or opposite gender. Based on the extremity of the offense, the penalties and punishments vary.

Sexual activity with a minor is called statutory rape. A martial or spousal rape occurs when forceful intercourse between married people.

Sexual Abuse

Improper touching or molestation are included in this type of sex crime in Ventura. Child abuse in any form other than forced intercourse falls under this category.

Sexual Battery

It is a less severe offense like grabbing or rubbing a person’s private parts or trying to touch anyone inappropriately. Sexual assaults by doctors or taxi drivers are part of this sex crime in Ventura.

According to the California law code section 243.4.A, the compensation for sexual assault by a medical practitioner can range from $1000 to $2000 or two to four years of imprisonment in Ventura.

Indecent Exposure

Urinating outside of restrooms in public is considered indecent exposure. Every jurisdiction in the United States has its own laws and rules for indecent exposure of private parts in the public.

Child Pornography

Possessing, displaying, or distributing offensive pictures and videos of minors is known as child pornography in Ventura. You can face legal charges from a Ventura sex crime lawyer when you are caught in the act.

Internet Sex Crimes

Digital sex crimes are a severe offense in Ventura. You can be penalized or punished based on the level of charges against you.

How Can You Defend a Sex Assault Charge in Ventura?

Once you are accused of a sex crime in Ventura, you will be registered in the California Sex Offender Registry through a local law enforcement agency. It may result in unemployment or social restrictions.

You need an excellent Ventura sex crimes lawyer to fight your case in court and relieve you of the charges when you are innocent.

Here are the steps one must take for a sexual assault case.

Gather the Evidence

You might need proof like video recording or images in your mobile, security camera footage, a witness from people present during the crime, and your phone records.

In case of a rape accusation, DNA reports are the best evidence to prove your innocence. 

Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

You should research and find a qualified lawyer to win your case in a sex crime. It is best to check their previous track records and client reviews and hire the best attorney in town. You can continue reading for more information.

You should talk and find out their charges beforehand to avoid discrepancies in the future.

Prove the Opposite Party’s Consent

If you are falsely charged with a sexual crime in Ventura, it is essential to prove that the opposite person is not a victim and the sexual encounter was consensual.

A criminal defense lawyer will help you gather the proper evidence in case of minor abuse. It includes demonstrating the child’s knowledge of sexual matters and applicable in the false allegation.

If it is a case of marital rape, the false allegation can be because of an impending divorce proceeding.

Facing sexual abuse crime charges in Ventura is not an easy job. You will feel anxious and fearful about your future. A criminal defense attorney can be zealous and compassionate in handling the case in court.

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