Different Aspects of Psychic Readings


The meta-physical realm has always greatly interested humans from the past to present day. People have always believed in something that is greater than just the things we can see, something that transcends the physical. This has taken in many forms such as religion, astrology, and psychics. One of the recent crazes is psychic reading and this website helpfully catalogues a bunch of other websites that try and use psychic reading as a dating mechanism such as https://www.juneauempire.com/national-marketplace/love-psychic-readings-online-best-sites-for-free-psychic-love-reading/for example, there are also a bunch of other websites that do tarot readings.

The craze in meta-physical is not just with psychic reading to try and hook you up with your soulmate, but it also deals with things like your horoscope and how that determines your personality type. There is even a type of psychic reading that uses tarot cards, a deck of 11 symbolized cards, that are meant to be able to tell your past, present and future as determined by the order of the card and its orientation.There are many other types of psychic reading too and the recent crazes in horoscope falls under one of them, specifically Astrology. 


It is the study of the movements and positions of celestial objects as a way to determine things happening around us. In this belief the relative positioning of the celestial objects is able to determine what kind of personality type you are and how you will grow up to be, which is usually tied in with your date of birth as that is considered the most significant time of your life and so has the most significant effect in your life.

Aura Readings

A popular form of psychic reading, usually performed face to face with a mystic or psychic. The mystic would meet you and try to read your aura to determine your past and present situation and from there predict your future if nothing changes. The belief here is that a person has their own unique aura but things affect us more than just physically, they also affect our aura and in turn draw more things of similar auras towards us.


A special term used to refer to divination using a deck of cards not necessarily tarot cards but most often using them. The belief being that a person is subconsciously drawing out the fated cards from the deck and as such can be used to look into their past, present and future.


Another popular form of psychic reading which uses gems and stones to peer into the astral plane and read the things that are not visible in the physical world, a common example of this is a psychic using a crystal ball to talk to the dead or look into the past. There is a separate but similar belief in that stones have their own aura and are capable of physically affecting people through their powers, which was the craze in the early 2000’s.

While there are many more types of psychic readings the ones mentioned here are merely the ones that are popular in our day and age.

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