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We bet that parents of all teens go through that phase when they cannot understand what their children’s taste is or what exactly do they want. And trust us, neither do they. Although many would assume that that is more a problem with girls, boys can be picky too. And not just picky, but indecisive and fussy. One day they like Marvel, and then the next day they are all for DC and then they have to change all the posters, notebooks, and even pajamas.

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So how to decorate a room for a teenage boy? Well, for starters, do not use the word decorate in front of them because they will probably think that it is a girls thing to decorate, and they are too cool for that. Today, we are going to show you how versatile the teen boy room can be and also how to style it, so in case you are a parent who needs inspiration, we have plenty of ideas for you. 

The Versatility of a Teenage Boy’s Bedroom

A teen bedroom is never just a place where children sleep. It is a place where boys like to spend the entire 24 hours doing lots of things. From playing video games to hanging out with friends. So having a bed and a work desk is usually not enough for them. Do you know how teens tend to close in their rooms and isolate themselves from the rest of the family? It is because, at that age, their bedroom is literally their sanctuary.


Some boys like to put posters on the walls, others are playing video games, or reading a book, and all that in the same space where they sleep, study, and hang out with their friends. Hence, this space has to be suitable for all those roles. You do not need a large room. You can fully utilize the space of a small bedroom by arranging furniture in a way that saves space.

How to Style a Teenage Boy’s Bedroom

Sometimes it is hard to know what boys like because often they do not like to talk about it or they are not even sure what they want in terms of their bedroom design. And unlike girls, they do not enjoy shopping with their parents. So parents are often completely in the dark, trying to guess what their son likes. Hence, it is best to start with some universal ideas and suggestions that can complement each room without making a big statement. Take a look at some of our ideas:

Pop of Color

Pink is for girls, blue and green are for boys, we know it. But isn’t it so boring? Is not everything in their room green and blue? Even their clothes? That is why we recommend you to try yellow. That lemon, acid yellow, is almost too bright, but at the same time, a vibrant pop of color that could change the whole appearance even if you add just a few details.

Seating Area

Sooner or later, you are going to have a house full of teens, and your son needs to have a seating area in its room, do not expect his friends to hang around with you in the living room. Add a few beanbags into his rooms; teens love them. You can maximize the space if you get a set where the bed goes above the work desk, it will leave more space for the lounge area.

Let Him Paint

If your child has a creative side, and he used to doodle around your walls as a toddler, now it is time to make his dreams come true and allow him to draw or paint on the walls. Pay attention to the type of colors he is using, because you know you will be the one painting over it once this phase is over.

Chalkboard Wall

If you do not like the previous suggestion, then we guess the chalkboard wall could suit your child’s style more. We know how much kids love to doodle on chalkboards in between classes, and now your teenage boy can finally have a chalkboard in his room. All of his friends are going to be so jealous.

Study Zone


Although studying is often the last thing on their mind, it is the first thing in the minds of their parents. If you want your son to love his workspace, it has to look cool. So perhaps it is time to buy some new furniture. For example, go for unique table bases, with a cool chair, perhaps also a lamp, something that would not look dull and ordinary.

Play With Patterns

Besides walls, there are a few other large surfaces that can dictate the style of a bedroom. For example, carpet, bedding, and curtains. All of them can carry a picture, certain pattern, color, or even a cool message. 

Teens Will be Teens

No matter how hard you try, there is always a chance that they are not going to like it, or that after two days they will want something new. It happens. That is why it is better to start making changes with details, to talk with them and see if you can figure out what they are into. Remember your teen years and how your bedroom was designed? Exactly. Just keep in mind that you have to respect their rules.

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