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It is the wish of every marketer to present their business in a different way to the customers so that they are able to gain the benefit of the social media platform to the fullest. But the main concern in that which tools in Instagram are efficient in developing a creative Instagram advertisement for marketing. Discover six interesting and creative features of this social media platform to grow your business multi-fold.

1. Use the Action Buttons

Instagram business accounts have an added feature of adding the action buttons to their bio or profile. This allows the users to call, book an appointment, purchase or reserve and many other things. These call-to-action buttons can be linked to your third-party apps for better results and an increase in the number of business transactions. This feature helps in converting Instagram users into your customers.

To help you out in this kind of transactions, Instagram is working with the third-party apps for shopping options directly from the stories. It allows the users to quickly look at the product and click on it to buy from there itself. Instagram followers are a must and you must know the best way to buy Instagram followers in 2019.

2. Use @Mention to highlight the Partner Brands

There are chances that users don’t interact much with your stories and it will not generate many results for you. But with the @mention feature, you can tag the users directly in the post of the stories resulting in engagement and better results. Once you mention somebody, users can tap on it to view their profile and know who they are. It is all about building relations. In case there are a variety of customers with whom you interact, it is better to use this feature to highlight them in your stories.

3. Using Bio Links

It becomes really important for you to promote your brand on various platforms and reach out to the wider audience. But mentioning all the links on the bio can be a bit messy. Instead, you can direct the customers directly to the landing pages. There are various tools available to create the landing pages which displays all the links to the pages.

4. Reshare the Content from Posts to Stories

If you are not aware of what to post for Instagram stories and what content will be best suitable. Then, Instagram is coming with a feature which allows you to directly share the news from other users directly to your stories. It helps in strengthening the relations and in return, they will share your content on their page. It is called cross-posting which leads to better partnerships.

5. Add Stickers

Question stickers are really helpful for the businesses in understanding the audience preferences. It lets you poll the audience and you can use their votes and feedback to understand the needs of the customers. Accordingly, you can design your product mix.

6. Broadcast on IGTV

IGTV is just another important tool for marketing. It is just like live channels with long videos. It allows the brands to post content which can engage the customers. People are more attracted to videos than posts.

So, if you are using any of these features for creative marketing campaigns of your brand on Instagram, we are pretty sure you would be getting the results. Instagram has no limits and you can experiment till you tire.

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Aarti Sehgal

For certain type of companies, Instagram in my opinion is now better than Facebook for Free Advertisement. Instagram users are more likely to interact with the posts. And if you can make right use of the hashtags, there is a really large audience that can be reached for free. Thanks for the informative article.

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Instagram has introduced the features for the marketing purpose. It is the great feature for any business growth. It can provide the better results in creative marketing and benefit companies.


Instagram stories live is also a good marketing feature on Insta and hashtags too. I have posted a photo writing a small story behind it and also mentioning the best comments in my stories which will enhance my visibility on search feed.

Tammy Kahn
Tammy Kahn

Instagram is a good social media platform, I like it more than facebook now as it’s more secure!
what do you say?

UK Home Improvements

Very Insightful, thank you for sharing

Brad Peter

I manage the social media accounts for the company I work for and this article was very helpful in learning how to use the creative features of Instagram. I loved the tips on the hashtags and will definitely put them to use.