Cozy Yet Portable: Reasons the Popularity of Today’s Bean Bag Furniture Just Keeps on Growing


Bean bag furniture made its happy debut in the heady hippie days of the 1960s. Originally devised by Italian modernist designers Cesare Paolini,  Piero Gatti, and Franco Teodoro, bean bag furniture is light-hearted and super comfy. In addition to being quite cozy, modern foam bean bag furniture is versatile and easily moved from room to room. Health and wellness gurus say that foamy bean furniture is good for you. We believe them.

21st-century foam furniture

Today’s bean bag furniture and foam chairs are generally stuffed with bits of soft urethane foam in lieu of the polystyrene and styrofoam pellets used during the pop-art, flower-power era. Urethane offers more heft and bounce and is far more comfortable for lounging and relaxing. Bean furniture comes in all sorts of shapes, including single chairs, ottomans for your feet and foamy sofas big enough to share.

The first bean bag chair was pear-shaped, enveloped in orange leather, and now resides in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. 21st-century bean bag furniture tends to be far more versatile with covers that are available in a range of fabrics and decorator colors as well as basic black and always-right white.

Bean bag furniture can be the ideal addition to 20th-century retro style decor. Don’t forget to rake the shag carpeting before you put a glowing lava lamp on the table, spin some Jefferson Airplane records, light the sandalwood incense, and start a Sixties theme party that you and your friends are sure to remember for years to come. Of course, bean bag furniture works wonderfully with other sorts of decor, as well. Use your best imagination to create a cozy, at-home style that reflects your impeccable good taste as well as your human desire for utmost sitting and lounging comfort.

Is bean bag furniture good for you?

Posture pros at Get Holistic Health magazine certainly seem to think so. The publication notes that bean bag chairs and foam furniture offer plentiful support for aching backs. Because foam furniture is infinitely adjustable, it’s possible to find a perfectly comfortable sitting position every time. If you sit on a pricey sofa and still walk away with a headache and sore back, you might want to make the switch to a funky and fun foam bag that supports every bit of your body with ease and comfort.

Bean bag chairs are right for pregnant and nursing moms and some pediatricians now recommend foam furniture for autistic kids. Chiropractors and spine specialists often tell their patients to try a beanbag chair instead of turning to the temporary relief that may come with pricey prescriptions to dangerous pain medications.

Bean bag furniture is appropriate for adults, kids, senior citizens, and anyone else who likes to sit or lounge. Foam filled furniture is great for socializing, too. Imagine a party room filled with cozy bean bags and your favorite bunch of friends. And if that’s not enough to convince you to buy a foam chair today, pets love bean bag furniture, too. Since the covers are removable and washable, sharing a spot with your furry friends is never a problem.

Bean bag furniture eases your aching back

Most people plop down on a sofa and sit there without any spinal support at all. No wonder those folks have horrible headaches, nagging body pain, and niggling muscle discomfort. A typical sofa simply doesn’t offer the full-body support afforded by a well-made bean bag chair, explains the Home Renovation Guide.

No, you don’t have to ditch your current couch. Simply add a fun foam chair to your room and sit in it instead of your non-supportive, stationary sofa. Wiggle in until you feel perfectly comfortable and then just let the cares of your day float away. Find the right chair, and your workday sails a lot smoother. If you work at home, do consider adding a bean bag chair to your space. When you sit on a static piece of furniture, you get what you get. Even the most handsome chair or couch can be a misery if it doesn’t ‘fit’ you just so. Sit on a bean bag, and the interior filling moves with me, cradling your buns, legs, the backs of your knees, your spine, and the rest of your body in comfort.

The more comfortable you are, the more productive you may be. And besides, a bean bag chair is just a whole lot of fun.

Jordan Carter is a small interior designer who is constantly looking for fresh trends and design insights. When he discovers them, he likes to share them on a variety of homeowner and interior design websites.


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