Connecting with Your Kids Through Video Games


Ever feel like you’re speaking a different language when your kids start talking about their favorite video games? Don’t worry–you’re not alone!  The gaming world might seem like a completely alien planet right now, but it’s actually a great place to connect with your children if they’re super into video games. So let’s dive into how you can join in on the fun, start conversations about their virtual adventures, and carve out some quality gaming time together.


The Types of Games You Can Play Together

First things first—what kinds of games can you play with your kids? With so many different consoles and video games out there, the amount of choice can seem really overwhelming at first. So here are some fun options that cater to various interests and age groups:

Cooperative Games

These are perfect for teamwork and bonding with your kids. Think of games like Minecraft, where you can build and explore together, or Overcooked, where you work as a team to run a chaotic kitchen. These games are not only fun but also encourage communication and cooperation, which are essential skills that will help your child throughout life.

Casual Games

Not a hardcore gamer? No problem! Casual games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Stardew Valley are laid-back and easy to pick up. They’re great for unwinding and enjoying some peaceful time together. These games can be played together with your kids, but you can also play on separate worlds just to have fun and talk about the game with them as well.

Party Games

Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, and Just Dance are fantastic for some friendly rivalry with your kids. These games are usually quick to learn and can turn any family night into a fun-filled event. Best of all, they don’t require you to have multiple computers or gaming consoles to play together. These games can be played on the same console with the split screen modes, and all you need are a few extra controllers to join in on the fun.

Educational Games

Want to sneak in some learning during those gaming sessions? Games like Kerbal Space Program can teach physics and engineering, and there are games like Cities: Skylines that introduce kids to the idea of designing, building, and managing cities. These can make education more entertaining while also providing lots of fun.

Starting Conversations About Games

Okay, so you’ve got a list of games. Now, how do you talk to your kids about them without sounding like a complete beginner? Here are some tips:

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Show genuine interest by asking questions like, “What’s your favorite part of this game?” or “Can you show me how to play?” This not only gets them talking but also makes them feel valued and understood.

Share Your Own Experiences

Sharing stories about your own experiences with the games that your kids love is a great way to start conversations. Talk about how you found certain levels difficult (even if they weren’t!) and ask for tips from your kids. You can even talk about the games that you’ve played before, whether it’s minesweeper, Tetris, or any other older game that your kids might not have tried before.

Learn the Lingo

Pick up some basic gaming terminology. Knowing what common terms like “NPC” or “grinding” mean can go a long way in making conversations smoother and more engaging, and it’ll show your kids that you’re serious about joining their hobby!

Watch Them Play

Sometimes, the best way to understand their world is to watch them in action. Sit down and watch them play their favorite game. Ask questions about the characters and the storyline, and try to show genuine interest!

Making More Time for Gaming

Now that you’ve found games that you can play together and are ready to connect with your kids, how do you fit gaming into your busy schedule?

Schedule Gaming Nights

Just like movie nights, set aside a specific time each week for family gaming. It could be Friday evenings or Sunday afternoons—whatever works best for your family’s routine. Make it a regular, anticipated event that the entire family looks forward to.

Use Gaming as a Reward

Incorporate gaming into your reward systems! After they finish their homework or chores, spend some time playing a game together, or tell them that you’ll buy a new game for them if they get good scores on their tests.

Embrace Short Sessions

You don’t need to spend hours playing. Even 15-30 minutes of gaming can be enough to connect and have fun. Play a quick round of a game or try a short mission together.

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Video games offer a unique opportunity to connect with our kids in a way that is engaging and meaningful. By playing together, we can bridge generational gaps and foster communication in a relaxed environment. Video games encourage teamwork, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills, making them an excellent medium for bonding. It’s important to choose games that are age-appropriate and have cooperative or multiplayer modes to ensure a shared experience. Additionally, setting aside dedicated gaming time can create a fun routine and give kids something to look forward to. By being actively involved, we can better understand their interests and build stronger relationships. Gaming can be a positive, shared experience that enhances family bonds and creates lasting memories.

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Jack Wilters
Jack Wilters
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