Combatting Depression as a Mother


In the morning, there’s no alarm sounding loudly through the house. It’s too early for it to be going off yet. Instead, there is a shrieking cry from the baby monitor on the bedside table. Time to get up.

Children are a blessing, but it can be stressful when demanding, tiny humans depend on you. They’re always crying. They always need something, and they expect their mother to provide it immediately.

Exhausting and sleepless nights, never-ending stress, and the lack of even a moment for Mom can lead to depression. Not because the mother isn’t grateful for her children or because she doesn’t care about them; she does care.

It’s the overwhelming stress and rejected invitations to go places. It’s being stretched so thin that when she falls into bed, it’s nearly impossible to imagine waking up the next morning and doing it all again. Being a mother is the most difficult job that anyone can undertake. That kind of pressure can get to her.

Some depressed moms feel guilty. They should be happy about having such beautiful kids, right? They lie awake at night, thinking about how grateful they should be fto have children to love and care for. This guilt eats away at them, but that doesn’t relieve the empty, exhausted feelings they feel so ashamed of.

Being a mother is tiring. It takes a lot out of a person. Late nights, early mornings, constant diaper changes. It takes a superhuman amount of energy to round up toddlers, get the kids to eat their dinner, and make sure they go to bed on time. It takes so many hours,there’s hardly enough in a day. And after all that, there are other responsibilities like cleaning and cooking.

Stay-at-home moms don’t go to work, but they have one of the world’s most difficult jobs at home. It doesn’t pay in money despite the long hours. They may feel like they don’t have the right to complain since they don’t have to go to an office every morning.

Single mothers have even more to do. They have to find balance between work and home. They have to find a babysitter for the kids or somehow manage to afford expensive daycare. On top of all their duties as a mom, they have a duty to their work. There’s more to do than 24 hours can cover.

It’s no wonder depression can occur in such stressful conditions.

Some mothers with depression feel like they have to struggle silently. They need to put a smile on, at least for their children, and pretend that everything is okay. Every morning, they have to don a mask and go make their kids some breakfast. But you don’t have to suffer alone.

Just talking to somebody makes everything feel better. It brings more light to the world and it feels good to get that off your chest. is a great resource that you can turn to. At BetterHelp, a therapist can help you right from home. It’s affordable and convenient for a mother taking care of children. Combatting depression as a mother can be difficult, but just remember: you don’t have to do it alone.

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