A Closer Look At Dr. Sheila Shilati Of Seasons Malibu


Dr. Sheila Shilati started working at Seasons Malibu in 2011, but she has been working in the addiction recovery field for many years. She offers Seasons Malibu clients the full extent of her experience, which spans over 15 years.

Shelia dreamed of helping people overcome their psychological problems. This drove her to become a fully licensed clinical psychologist. Dr. Shilati was not entirely sure how she would be able to change people’s lives, but she knew that it was a road worth taking.

The road that Dr. Shilati took was definitely an eventful one. Yes, her focus has been addiction recovery, but she has contributed much to the medical industry and society in general. One thing that Dr. Sheila Shilati is proud of is her position as an international ambassador of health. She became involved in two medical and relief programs that focused on regions that were in dire need of help. She was able to bring her expertise to regions in the Middle East and Africa.

Dr. Shilati’s help was incredibly valuable to the people in these regions. Some of these people were victims of natural disasters while others were victims of violence. Some were dealing with the HIV virus or full blown AIDS. In short, there was a lot to do, and she did her best to help. It was an experience that shapes the heart, and Dr. Shilati has proudly carried that with her on all endeavors.

Dr. Sheila Shilati was also able to develop a groundbreaking mental health program in the Kingdom of Swaziland. She understood that the Swazi youth were in need of a program like this, but she also knew that help was scarce. This is the reason why she developed a successful self-sustaining integrative program.

Of course, her focus is in addiction recovery, and she has taken bold steps in that field as well. Dr. Shilati is a prominent figure in the field, and she promotes treatments such as the dual-diagnosis treatment that has shown positive results for those dealing with addiction. She has taken her knowledge of addiction to several universities and colleges where she has given lectures to teach the younger generation about this disease. Dr. Shilati has lectured at California State University Northridge, Oxnard College, Pepperdine University, and California Lutheran University just to name a few places.

All of this has given her an everlasting drive to help those in need. She is now the Chief Operating Officer a Seasons Recovery Centers, but her focus is Seasons Malibu. She has been an integral part in the growth of the center and helped nurture the multi-modal care system that has proven invaluable to clients of the center. Dr. Shilati has also integrated several therapeutic treatments of her own that have shown great promise. She is even known to integrate evidence-based holistic treatments.

There is no doubt that Dr. Shilati’s commitment to clients makes her a treasure to those she has helped. Many people have benefited from her knowledge and wisdom

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