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Millions of Americans have heart disease, diabetes, cancer, asthma and other chronic diseases, but very few of them are aware of how they can get new treatments that are available in clinical trials. CureLauncher is a company that connects people to the new treatments that will help with their illnesses. CureLauncher helps people know their options and take control of their future.

There are four main reasons why people enter paid clinical trials.

  1. It gives them the opportunity to take control of their medical condition and give them peace of mind to know they are doing all they can to get well. • They like being treated as an individual with respect and regard for their feelings.
  2. They are glad to participate in something that will make a difference for the well-being of other people.
  3. They make new and lasting friendships with the trial staff Doctors could refer patients to paid clinical trials, but too often doctors do not have much information on the trials
  4. Doctors are busy people and may not have the time to learn about all the different clinical trial possibilities. Clinical trials are voluntary and participants can quit whenever they want. They need not give a reason.

There are four phases of clinical trials. The first is to test an experimental drug or treatment with a very small group of people to evaluate its side effects and safety. The second is to give the drug to a larger group for further evaluation. The third is to give the drug or treatment to a very large group for more tracking and comparison with other treatments, and the fourth is to track and evaluate the drug or treatment after it is approved by the FDA.


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