Canvas Factory Should Be Your Next Stop for Your Canvas Prints


I am so excited to share Canvas Factory with you. Canvas Factory has high-quality canvas prints at an affordable price.  They believe in providing the best quality canvas printing services to ensure that your photos are kept on canvas exactly as you want them, easily and conveniently.  You will be able to enjoy them for years to come.


With Canvas Factory you can create your photo prints to show your most favorite photos.  You will be preserving them in style.  You can show your family gathering memories, kids photos, a beautiful collection of photos from your wedding or graduation.  There are so many different ideas you can put together with their fantastic canvas choices. 

Canvas Factory has many sizes to choose from.  You can do single photos, a collection of photos, panoramic photos, square and rectangular sizes as well as landscapes. 

Canvas Factory Should Be Your Next Stop for Your Canvas Prints

Other choices that they offer are split photo canvassing.  Splitting a single photo across several canvas panels creates a powerful effect in any room. I just love this idea and it looks so beautiful.  Split canvas photo prints create a modern focal point that will transform a plain wall – perfect for custom headboards in your bedroom and above mantles.

Canvas Factory Should Be Your Next Stop for Your Canvas Prints

Another pretty idea is Canvas Wall Displays.  As you see how this wall display shows various times this bride and groom have enjoyed together.   

It is easy to order from Canvas Factory

When I ordered my print it was so easy.

  •  I picked the size, then it prompted me to upload the photo of my choosing.
  •  I was then able to decide if I wanted the photo to overlap the sides or if I wanted to choose a color for the sides of the canvas print.
  • They offered me to choose a font, color of the font if I wanted to include that on my print but I didn’t as I felt in this instance it would cheapen the photo that I wanted to give as a gift.  If I was doing say a sports photo or something like a vacation I would have put the year on it.
  • Then I was able to preview it before placing my order.
  • Shipping was free!

The only thing I wish is that it was coming sooner as I wanted to give it to my daughter for her birthday gift before she goes back to college.

You will definitely want to visit Canvas Factory and try them out yourself for all of your memory making.  These will make great gifts for engagements, weddings, graduations, birthday parties, and anniversary parties.  The ideas are endless.

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