Buying Jewelry for Yourself: A Step-by-Step Guide


A diamond is forever, whether you receive it from a special someone or buy it for yourself. Buying yourself a piece of diamond jewelry is exciting, empowering, and something to be proud of. You deserve to treat yourself to something with a little sparkle. If you’re a first-time diamond shopper, it helps to know how to navigate the entire process of buying jewelry for yourself. Here’s a quick how-to to get you started.

Define your style.

Define your jewelry style. Are you into simple, minimal jewelry-box staples that pair with your everyday look? Or maybe you already have basic jewelry and it’s time to add a dramatic “wow-factor” piece for special occasions to your collection. Diamond studs, a gold chain with a simple stone, or a minimal diamond tennis bracelet all make for great basics in your fine-jewelry collection.

Add some sparkle to your jewelry box with colored-diamonds or color gemstones. Consider a dramatic take on basics by pairing your jewelry with your favorite going-out shoes, a gemstone that compliments your eye color, or your special occasion evening wear. A beautiful ring, colorful pendant, or colorful diamond stud earrings will add sophistication to any look.

Shop with your budget in mind.

Like any big investment, you want to be smart with your money and shop within your price point. You worked hard to earn the ability to treat yourself to a piece of jewelry. Whether you decide to save a little at a time for something you’re eyeing or you receive a bonus or raise, you should focus on buying a piece that makes you feel proud.

You can still find the piece of jewelry on a limited budget. Be open to a piece of gold without gemstones, a simple chain necklace, or a signet ring. Lesser-known gemstones or freshwater pearls are elegant and budget-friendly choices.  

Save money so you can get the one you really want.

You need to decide what shape makes the perfect diamond for you. Do you like the brilliance of a round cut or does pear cut better compliment your personality? Trying to choose between multiple shapes at once isn’t a good idea given how much different styles and pricing can vary. Be open to a less traditional diamond shape as you could save a pretty penny.

With your desired shape in mind, get familiar with the 4C’s of diamonds. Carat, Cut, Color, and Clarity are the visual characteristics of a diamond that set the diamond’s price. No diamonds have perfect 4C’s but you can scale down on some Cs to find the perfect diamond for your budget. Don’t compromise on the cut, as this affects the sparkle and reflection of a diamond. It is okay to compromise a little on color and clarity.

Save money on metals by choosing an alternative to your first choice. White gold is a beautiful and far more affordable alternative to platinum. Jewelry stores have a low season when shoppers can find attractive prices on diamond jewelry, specifically not around major holidays.

Go Shopping!

Don’t rush into buying your diamond jewelry. Do your research online and in-store before you make a purchase. Consider taking a non-biased friend to go shopping with you to give you feedback. Whether you purchase diamond jewelry online or in real life be sure your purchase comes from an authentic jeweler with a certificate of authenticity.

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Keep this first-time jewelry buying tips in mind when shopping for a piece that has as much sparkle as you.

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Priya Sharma
10 months ago

Thank you so much for this amazing article that you have shared with us on how to buy jewelry will surely follow these steps and also pass this to my friends and family as well.

Kristofer Van Wagner
7 months ago

Thank you for reminding us to design or choose a jewelry that complements our style or personality. My brother is planning to propose to his long-term girlfriend. I will pass this information to him when I speak with him later tonight over dinner.