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Many generations of kids have grown up with Disney, marveling at the magic and wonder of each new story. Girl’s today have more choices than ever to learn and play and grow with Disney’s positive role models. Moana is the newest Disney Princess, staring in the newest feature film for girls of all ages. Moana, the spunky title teenager, sets out on a journey to fulfill a quest and faces many adventures and challenges along the way. Jakk’s Pacific Toys wants to help your children go on these adventures with her. Jakk’s carries many lines of Disney toys, including Fairies, Frozen, Sofia the First, Disney Princesses and now a brand new line featuring Moana. Help your child bring her magic home with them with these brand new toys.

Singing Moana & Friends

Moana can be your daughter’s best friend with the Singing Moana doll. Press Moana’s shell necklace to see it light up and hear her say movie phrases and to sing along to her song from the movie, “How Far I’ll Go”. Moana’s pet pig, Pua and her rooster friend, HeiHei are included for extra fun!


Mega Maui

Moana wouldn’t be complete without her friend Maui, the demigod. Featuring all of his tattoos, leaf skirt and his magical fishhook that he can really hold, your child will love bringing Maui to life. Press his bone necklace to hear him say 12 of his hilarious movie phrases and sing his signature song, “You’re Welcome!” 

Moana Adventure Doll

Let Moana take your child on an ocean adventure with the new Moana adventure doll. She comes with all her accessories, including a removable hair clip that girls can wear in their own hair!

Young Moana

Young Moana is perfect for younger girls and makes a wonderful bath time playmate. She comes with her turtle friend and a removable flower hair clip that girls can wear too! 

Maui’s Magical Fishhook

Kids can channel the magic of Maui with Maui’s Magical Fishhook. It’s 20-inches long, with motion-activated lights and sounds for hours of magical Maui fun!

Moana’s Adventure Outfit

With this adorable two piece replica of Moana’s outfit, girls can relive the magic of Moana every day! A wrap top the perfect shade of coral paired with a flowery fringe skirt, this outfit is perfect for dress-up play, the beach, or even Halloween. Fits sizes 4-6X. 

Moana Wig

Your child’s Moana ensemble wouldn’t be complete without the gorgeous, curly Moana wig. Perfect for dress up play or for Halloween.

Moana’s Accessory Set

Complete the Moana outfit with her bright, feather headband and colorful leaf bracelet with puka shell charms. The bracelet can also be worn as an anklet. 

Moana’s Magical Necklace

Discover the “Heart of Te Fiti!” with Moana’s blue shell necklace. It lights up when opened and reveals a soft green glow. The necklace can also light up when closed with a push of a button. It pairs perfectly with the Moana outfit. 

Moana’s Percussion Set

Encourage your child to channel the sounds of Polynesia with this six piece instrument set. Moana’s Percussion Set includes one slit drum, one tall drum, and two “Kakamora” maracas that hold the drum sticks.


Check out the new Moana toys in the Jakk’s Unwrapped video below:

Do you want to start Christmas early? Do you need a great birthday gift? Do you just want to reward your child for good behavior? Whatever the occasion, these magical Moana toys make wonderful gifts for any child. They can be found at these retailers near you and many more:

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