Brad Beman: Is becoming an entrepreneur all about becoming rich?


Entrepreneurship is the best manifestation of the term “American Dream!” A person with the right idea, apt resources, the required capital, and luck can get great success. Also, choosing the correct time to launch a business in the market is essential. The world looks up to figures like Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg as their inspiration in the entrepreneurial journey. It makes many people think that for a business owner or entrepreneur, there’s no limit to earning.

And that makes several enthusiastic executives, directors, and managers plan their business while carrying out their daily job. And some people in the process opt-in for entrepreneurship to get become rich! Is it the correct attitude? The answer is no. Entrepreneurship is profitable when it works in your favor. But you need to start by providing a product or service that the users need, and that solves their issues.

The ideas governing entrepreneurship by Brad Beman.

For many people, entrepreneurship is cutting the cords between them and their company. They can move away from a clock-time job, a fixed salary, and switch to a work schedule that fits them correctly, and that brings more wealth. But it all depends on your business plan and your understanding of the market. 

It is essential to note, the amount of money that you gain from your entrepreneurial venture needs to get invested! Either you need to invest it for business expansion, website update, SEO, and SEM activities update the store set-up, and the like. Hence, you can’t be claiming the initial earning as your profit. You have work to do to expand your business. Later, when your venture is running well, you will make good profits.

The chances to fail

While it’s essential to think positively and function from a hopeful mindset, it is necessary to stay grounded on practical facts. You should know that businesses have a chance to fail. Sometimes, despite proper branding and business promotions, ventures fail. The reasons are many, such as:

  • Lack of smart vision about the market and customer needs. 
  • Not promoting the business in the right media channels.
  • Not reaching out to target customers timely. 
  • Market and economic fluctuations, like recession. 

There are times when a business fails, simply because the market isn’t ready for the service or product you have to offer.

What do you get out of entrepreneurship?

So, is there no gain from an independent venture? Is entrepreneurship all about being lucky? While luck does have a role to play, entrepreneurs can expect the following:


  • A sense of fulfillment


While planning for business expansion and customer retention, entrepreneurs feel a sense of accomplishment. The ability to work on a product or service you always wanted brings a happy feeling.


  • Complete freedom


Most entrepreneurs are their boss until they have involved others in the authority position. It means they can go all out with their ideas and try to actualize the same in the market. It means they can a day off based on their requirement.


  • Experience


The attempt to work on your business and making it come true is an experience! Entrepreneurship is a journey. And most entrepreneurs learn manifold from this experience.


  • Contacts


Your entrepreneurial journey will give you plenty of business contacts that you can put to good use later.

These are some of the core gains as an entrepreneur. And as the business progresses well, entrepreneurs can make the necessary profit as well.

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