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With all of the processes my hair goes through on a daily basis I am glad to know about Biotera Pro Series. I like to wash my hair every day, as well as use mousse, blow dry, possibly curl/or straighten. This is why Biotera is a great product for me.

With the Biotera Pro Series your hair will get the damage care it needs, this system will help rebind and reform hair that has been repeatedly exposed to processes like I mentioned above. This series cPhyto-Keratin Keratin, transform highly processed hair into silky, smooth, resilient tresses. Hair instantly becomes 2X more resistant to breakage when using the system of Biotera PRO Series Damage Care shampoo, conditioner, and treatment. This pro series shampoo is also Paraben-Free which is very important to me.

I also like using the hair conditioner since it has all of the same qualities of the shampoo. It is Paraben-free, again this is important to me. This conditioner is one that you need to rinse out after using it on your hair. This is important to me because other leave in conditioners I’ve tried always seem to leave my hair feeling so greasy. There’s nothing like running your hands throughout your hair and feeling that soft, tangled free feeling from your hair!

Biotera Damage Pro Series

If you want to treat your hair to some hair therapy then the Damage Care Intense Recovery 5 Minute Strengthening Treatment is for you. This product is very concentrated so it does not take a lot for each treatment which means it will last longer. This 5-minute repair will provide reinforcement to the inner cuticle layers helps rebind and reform damaged hair proteins into silky, smooth, resilient locks. This also includes Tri-Soy Complex in its formula.

This Biotera Pro Damage Series can be purchased at many different outlets such as Sally Beauty store, Ulta and quite a few others.

So don’t wait, let the Biotera Pro Damage Series system help transform your hair back to that soft, luxurious look!


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7 years ago

These hair care products look very good, just somehow after I visited your mentioned links I could not find the place where actually to buy them.