Beyond Essentials – Where to Start With a Homeware Upgrade


Your essential homewares are important building blocks within your home. They serve a purpose, come at a reasonable price, and can often look more designer than they likely are. Homewares have a way of sharing your style with the world, and creating an environment that is entirely yours. But your taste and persuasions won’t always stay the same. Upgrading your essentials will give your home an entirely different perspective and overall feel. Find out how to start the upgrades, with homewares that best represent the present you.

Start one room at a time

How many times have you thought about culling your wardrobe, only to pull out  all the contents and decide it’s too much to do in one hit. The same goes for your homewares. When you set about upgrading your homewares, only try one room at a time so that you don’t overwhelm yourself. Identify the items you need to upgrade in the room in question, and find improved and stylish replacements with Online Homewares by Home Concepts. Living spaces like the lounge and kitchen are a great place to start as there is more to work with, and by the time you get to your bedroom and bathroom you will have the look nailed down.

Upgrade what will give most value

Chances are your budget may not extent to replacing each feature of your home, and it shouldn’t have to. Decide which accent features of your home need a refresh, and attack those first. These are often the larger statement pieces like lounge accessories, rugs and artwork. Color is another way to easily impact a space, although too much color may actually take away from the space and result in a downgrade. If you have been treading on that second-hand rug for years, find a new one. Or replace the holey couch throw with something soft and decadent.

Add, subtract and multiply

Upgrading doesn’t always mean buying entirely new things. It’s about weighing up what surrounds you, and then adding, subtracting or multiplying the magic. You may find that you will eliminate some small and bulky items from your living space, and find that it looks far more high end – without you adding any luxury additions. If there is something in your rooms that continue to get compliments and make you happy, consider adding more or these touches. You can also to the opposite of any homewares that continue to puzzle your guests, and bring down your opinion of the room. If you are stuck on what to add, subtract and multiply – adopt the principles of minimalism. If it doesn’t serve a purpose or make you happy, you do not need it.

Define your vision

What does your ideal upgraded space look like? Without a defined vision, you may be working towards an elusive moving target. Get your vision on paper, either with words or images. Once you have a cohesive idea of the direction to take your space, you will be able to keep an eye out for concepts that fit and ways to fine tune. If you’re lacking inspiration, jump onto Pinterest or flick through some home magazines to jolt those creative juices.

There is a lot to consider when changing your homewares, and sometimes it’s easier to have a cleanslate than work with something already established. That being said, you can upgrade your space by starting slow with one room at a time and then working on the pieces that give the most impact, adding and subtracting as you go. Always remember to have your vision in place before you start, that’s where the real fun begins!

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