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I am a total stickler when it comes to a clean house — no dust bunny or floor scuff left unturned! But even for the tidiest of us, what’s out of sight is still out of mind. Unfortunately, the air we breathe falls squarely into that category: unseen, and therefore forgotten. Sure, on rare occasion we might notice the air, say, when it stinks of dirty laundry or a batch of scorched cookies left in the oven a few minutes too long. Amid all this forgetfulness, though, there is one thing we all need to work on  remembering: 90% of the air we breath is indoor air, and, whether we smell it or not, it’s full of pollutants and allergens like dust and dander. 

That’s why I’m glad I recently started using the Airmega, and, after just a couple weeks, I do not think I could go back. The day my husband and I set it up and turned it on, the  air-quality indicator lights in the front told us our air wasn’t “unhealthy” (phew!), but it was not “good,” either. Thankfully, within an hour, the Airmega, which can work in spaces up to 1,256 square feet depending on the model you choose, had bumped our air-quality status straight up to “good.”  Now, we keep our Airmega in Smart Mode , so it  monitors the air quality and adjusts its fan speeds (that is its cleaning power) as it needs to. Smart Mode even works in a bedroom at night, automatically enters Sleep Mode, which dims the indicator lights and quiets the fans, if the room goes dark  and the air quality has been “good” for 3 minutes. 


Airmega taking care of its own settings is such a relief. We have a few too many pets, and people are always in and out of the house. No matter how hard I try, it’s hard to keep up sometimes. And I know all that dust winds up in your lungs. Yuck! Since we’ve had our Airmega, I have noticed a decrease in dust in the house. Airmega also removes mold, pet dander, cigarette smoke, other allergens, smells, and  dust mites. It also makes for a happier home for people with asthma, as it gets rid of the things that can aggravate it. 

One of my favorite things about the Airmega is the mobile app. My family and I are on the go a lot, but I want to know I am coming home good quality air. Even though Smart Mode, lets me set it and forget it, I still like to check and make sure. (This is also a huge bonus for my husband, because anything with a  app makes him happy. He still  checks it when we’re in the house, even though he could just walk a few rooms to where the Airmega is.)


Another big benefit of Airmega is its filters. Air purifiers I’ve had in the past, had me changing the filter constantly — the nuisance made it seem useless to have it in the first place. Plus, I would spend so much in filters, the devices became completely  cost ineffective. With the Airmega you will still have to change a filter, but much less often; I’ve had this beauty for a while, and not once has the “change filter” light come on. To top it, air comes through on both sides of the purifier, so it’s more efficient, , and you can clean the pre-filter (the one that catches bigger stuff like dust)  yourself! This is a huge thing for me. The main filter will need to be changed eventually, but it seems like it will take  while. That I can handle! 


Of the handy things Airmega can do — most importantly it makes your lungs happier — it even looks neat! It’s a very  different look from all other air purifiers I have come across. It is not big or bulky and has a really sleek design that I enjoy. It fits into my living room decor perfectly, without being an eyesore! . 

Over the holidays Airmega be a spectacular gift or a great tool to  have purifying the air over Christmas, when house guests are in no short supple. It will have everyone breathing easier. 

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