Benefits of Technology for Children on the Spectrum


Our worlds revolve around technology. From our smartphones that we depend on for almost all of our everyday tasks to the smart lights that turn on automatically when you wake up, it is no doubt that technology has a tremendous place in our lives.

Of course, the use of technology changes for every age group, even from one person to another. That is the beauty of it. 

Technology has anything and everything to offer anyone. It gives tools, entertainment, information at the tips of our fingers to broaden our horizons. Truly amazing it is to live in this technology era.

The tools that come with technology can be empowering for when children grow into independent individuals. 

This is especially true for children with autism to achieve an independent life. Here are some of the areas that individuals with autism benefit from technology:

Overcoming Communication Barriers

Individuals with autism spectrum disorder face a variety of challenges in life. One of the hallmark features of the disorder is that the individuals struggle with impaired social communication. 

This is where technology comes into place. Autistic individuals could use communication devices to help build on their communication skills. 

Nonverbal children with autism, for instance, could use devices specifically developed for this purpose, such as Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices, to communicate through it. 

There are various applications for smart devices and tools to help in an abundance of ways, such as communication skills, teaching vocabulary, understanding social cues and many more.

Game-Based Learning

Children with autism have difficulty with focusing for longer periods of time. Although they have certain interests and like to learn about some topics, they may not be interested in or able to learn some other basic stuff like numbers or colors. 

Games are a fantastic way to teach them conceptual knowledge in addition to skills. 

Through gamification, children can earn rewards while playing the educational game. This helps them achieve success, have fun, and learn many things during the process. 

There are hundreds of games for children on the spectrum. Some focus on math skills, others try to improve the child’s art skills. 

It is really up to the parents and caregivers and also, naturally, to the child to select what they would like to play. Apps like Otsimo Special Education encompasses all aspects of learning into a single app.

Accessible Speech Therapy

Speech therapy has been proven to be helpful in developing language and speech skills for the individuals with autism. 

Although it is a great therapy method used pretty frequently, some parents or caregivers may not be able to access this service at all times.

Here is where technology shines again. When supported by specialists and experts, speech therapy apps can be amazing helpers in implementing speech therapy into the autistic child’s life. 

Applications developed specifically for speech delays and problems, such as Otsimo Speech Therapy, will help children learn how to articulate and expand their vocabulary. 

The app uses AI technology (technology within technology!) and video modelling technique, which has been proven effective in education of children with autism.

Visual Aid in Every Possible Way

Children with autism are great with visual memory. It is much easier for them to understand a concept when they can visualize it. 

This is where technology comes in really handy. Using a tablet, you can create a list of tasks to be handled that way relating to improving skills or just daily living. 

Every routine could have its own picture and time slot. People with autism love structure. In addition to visual aids to understand the concept, this structure will help motivate them to do the task. 

In time, the child with autism will be able to master the routines, such as brushing their teeth or putting on their clothes. This will provide them independence, while also improving motor skills.

Being a Part of the Community

There are lots to know, lots to learn about autism spectrum disorders. It is unique to everyone. 

Something that worked for one child may not work for another. Information is a crucial tool, which is now accessible more than ever thanks to the wide use of technology.

With the use of the internet and blogs, there is a lot to be learned. People who download or use something that worked for their kid make sure that other parents are in the know as well.

This creates a beautiful community through social media platforms where people share what they know, their joys and their disappointments.

While selecting technologies for the child with autism to benefit from, it is important to analyze what you and your child needs. 

Otsimo offers both special education and speech therapy, carrying hundreds of educational games, and a chance for the parents to be involved in the developmental process of their child.

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