Poop Happens – It’s Not a Matter of If, It’s a Matter of When!


littleRemember the first time you left your baby with someone else?

Poop Happens - It's Not a Matter of If, It's a Matter of When!

*Cue instant panic here*

Trusting someone to take care of your little one is a HUGE deal, not to mention thinking ahead to all the things you need to bring with you so that the baby has what he/she needs.

That’s where Little Toes™ comes in!

When Megan was four months old, I left her with my aunt while I made a much-needed trip to the doctor.  I schlepped in the biggest diaper bag filled to the brim with everything you could ever need for an entire year just in case I was stuck away from him even for just an hour.

Poop Happens

You all know what I am talking about, right? When you leave your first-born for one of the first times ever, an hour totally seems like a year!

I know that diaper bag weighed more than the baby, to be honest.

Fast forward to the second baby.

This time, I left Declan alone with the same aunt while I went for a much-needed mommy-break.  I needed an hour to myself just to BREATHE, so I called up my favorite aunt, made a plan, and dropped off both kids – and this time – just a few things

All I needed was a bottle of breast milk, and a Little Toes Poop Happens diaper changing set.

Poop Happens

Those diaper changing sets are LIFESAVERS.

I love them for when you are doing just a quick run out of the house, especially when it is unplanned, like a run for milk, bread, or in my case this time, an hour of mental health break.

No need for a diaper bag, you can pop the Little Toes Poop Happens set in your purse and be prepared!  

They have everything you need:

Natural Bamboo Baby Diaper, size small (6.6-17.6 lbs. / 3-8 kg)
Natural Diaper Rash Cream Packet (5 ml/each)
Bamboo Natural Baby Wipes Packet (10 wipes)
Biodegradable Hand Sanitizing Wipe
Disposable Diaper Changing Pad

The Little Toes Poop Happens set is everything you need for a diaper change. Let’s face it; you never know when you will need one because, well, poop happens. Having one of the sets in your bag is a must because then you are ready for a quick trip anywhere! It’s your diaper “go bag” for the unexpected.  If you’ll be gone a bit longer, there is always the Little Toes Lotta Poop set, with everything you need for 3 diaper changes! (THAT one is always in the back of the van, always!)

I really love that everything in the set is eco-friendly. They use 100% biodegradable bamboo in the diapers, wipes, and hand-sanitizing wipes, and the cream and wipes are made from natural ingredients. 

The difference between how you react with your first baby and the second baby is BIG, don’t you think?

Once you have the experience behind you, you know what you really need to have around you at any time.  Little Toes makes getting out of the house super easy.

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