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Have you ever noticed that the styles are different for woman of every age in America?  Little toddlers can wear their hair in pigtails with big bows, but if you showed up with that hair-do to your board meeting at age 35, you may get some weird looks.  We’re expected to grow up simply knowing the different styles and conforming to them. Otherwise we are met by the challenge of, *gasp,* not fitting in. Being out of style in middle school was an absolute no-go and as much as we adults hate to admit it, we still want to fit in to a certain extent.  So what are the magical beauty secrets for you to know so you can stay in style through all seasons of your life Well, let’s go ahead and figure them out together.

— Disclaimer —

One quick disclaimer before we go ahead on this journey together — styles change.  Literally, the styles and what is “in” changes almost daily.  Most of this article will cover cosmetic resources rather than fashion, especially because fashion is something that comes and goes and is incredibly fleeting.  Those shoulder pads were pretty hip in the 80s, and we’re sure that perm was all the rage, but, clearly, things are different today.

Kids Have It Easy

Fortunately for you, any style mistakes you made from birth to the age of about 6 were not actually your mistakes.  When you’re a kid, your parents exclusively dress you and style you. Plus, children are almost always cute, regardless of their clothing or how their hair looks.  Young kids can run around with food smeared across their face or dirt on their shorts and no one really bats an eye. If you’re wearing stripes with spots you’ll actually be admired for dressing yourself.  Kids are young, and their job is to grow and develop, not be overwhelmed by crazy beauty standards. And while “baby’s first haircut” is a big moment for the scrapbook, usually kids have very few cosmetic appointments to make.  You can leave the orthodontic appointments, dermatologist appointments, eyebrow waxes, mani/pedis, and hair colorings for later in their life. Enjoy the simplicity of styling a young child. At that age, it may be one of the simplest things you’re dealing with.  

Hitting Puberty

We all remember how awkward we were going into middle school.  During puberty, your entire body and how you operate as a human is changing and adjusting.  And here’s the kicker — you are still expected to handle it all with beauty and grace. At that age, kids are very focused on looking and acting as cool as possible.  This is where keeping up with those fleeting phases may prove useful. Staying trendy can help you stay in control of at least one aspect of your life, even if other things are changing.

A lot of us can relate to going through a braces phase.  While braces are a fabulous tool to give you a smile to be confident about, sometimes they can be uncomfortable.  This is one of those types of styles where everyone acknowledges that you are all in this together. If you’re raising a tween or teen, just remind them of this.  And remind them how lucky they will feel when they have teeth that are the envy of everyone!

Young Adulthood

Once you get to college and beyond to young adulthood, you start developing your own level of independence.  This includes your style. Aside from simply looking good, you also get to decide what excursions on which to splurge.  Some people love getting their monthly mani-pedi while some people absolutely have to get their eyebrows done every other week.  There are a lot of trends and beauty products, so you can never keep up with all of them. As you grow up and realize this, you will start to prioritize.  

There is something to be said about the importance of having someone in your corner to help you navigate your beauty trends.  Find somewhere like Crimson Hair Studio and a fabulous stylist you love.  That way you have a confidant and a friend to help you decide what styles and trends to keep up with… while also staying true to you and your budget!  

If you are starting out, you may not have excessive cash to use on a $500 haircut.  There are ways to do beauty on a budget.  Some of these tricks may be a little unexpected, like going to a cosmetology school for a haircut or a massage therapy training center for your massage.  You get a discount while also helping someone hone in on their skills. And don’t forget the benefit of nagging samples. Even a little bit of product can go a long way!

The “25th Anniversary of My 25th Birthday” Years  

Now once you start moving out of young adulthood, it may start to hit you that you are not a young spring chicken anymore.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t be beautiful and vibrant.  The number one tip here is to stay true to your age.  Trying to dress and style your hair like a 20-year-old actually makes you look older.  

While your body changes a lot during puberty, there are also a lot of changes accompanied with age.  Luckily, there are products available to keep you healthy and looking great. There is everything from varicose vein treatment to dental implants to keep your body looking great and your smile still dazzling.  It sometimes can be hard to recognize when the time is right to start looking into such treatments.  As with any age, the timing is right for you. We understand all of the pressure that is put on you to stay radiant at every age.  Just remember, that as long as you feel happy, healthy, and confident, you will be. Keeping up can be especially tricky, so stay true to yourself and you’ll always be styling and beautiful.  

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