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I admit it, I have super frizzy hair if I don’t take the time to blow dry it. Other than the amount of time it takes to dry my hair I hate how traditional blow dryers get super hot and instead of drying my hair it dries it out. Super frustrating right? Instead of the blow dryer being my best friend it’s more like my worst enemy. That is until I discovered the BarBar ECO 8000! The Barbar Eco 8000 is unlike any other blow dryer! It is the only dryer on the market that is equipped with an eco-friendly ceramic heating element as opposed to standard dryers that have coil heating elements. Did you know that a standard 1,800 WATT blow dryer emits over 200.0 mG (milligauss) of radiation? This amount of radiation is comparable to the radiation output of a microwave. When I was little I remember my mom telling me that if I sat in front of the microwave while it was on I would glow in the dark. I know that can’t really happen but honestly do I want to be exposed to that much radiation just from blow drying my hair? UM, I think NOT. Plus, radiation damages hair by opening the hair cuticle and drying it out.

Now for a little lesson about Ceramic Heating Elements VS. Coil Heating Elements. This is interesting and is good to know. Ceramic heating elements use 90% electricity, turning it into heat and not wasting energy. Coil heating elements don’t utilize the energy efficiently which wastes electricity and causes radiation. Ceramic heating elements saves 40% more electricity than a standard dryer and lasts 5x longer than a coil heating element. That not only saves money on your electric bill but your blow dryer will last longer saving you from having to buy a new one. With the BARBAR ECO 8000, you can be health conscious and achieve professional results!

Lets go over the benefits of the Barbar ECO 8000 one more time. Less radiation 🙂 YAY! Saves electricity by only using 1100 WATTS of power rather than 1800 WATTS compared to the standard dryer but still gets hot enough to dry and style your hair. It heats up to 310* F to be exact. The Barbar ECO 8000 has a cool shot release button and multiple heat and speed settings. With a 10-foot professional cord, you don’t have to worry about tripping or unplugging the cord several times while trying to dry your hair! And it comes with a One Year Limited Warranty!

OK now to answer the question you all are wondering. “Where can you get your own BarBar ECO 8000?” That’s simple! You can visit BarBar Hair Tools and find an amazing selection of styling tools!

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