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Having a new baby enter the world is an exciting time, whether they’re a new addition to your family, or even to the family of someone you care for. If a friend or family member is expecting, a great way to congratulate them on their news is to give them gifts in preparation for the newest member of their family which they will need in day to day life, and an easy way to do this would be with a baby box. 

The best baby boxes for newborns will normally provide parents with a nice array of little essentials such as bibs, bottles and books, to help families started on their journey with their newborn, so if you are looking to put together a great baby box for a friend or family member, using a brand such as Your Baby Club UK can give you inspiration. 

A baby mattress 

By adding a baby mattress to your baby box, you can create the perfect little home for the newborn to sleep in during their first weeks until they are safely able to transition to a crib. If you wanted to, you could decorate the baby box (using baby-safe materials and paints) to give it that extra special bit of meaning for both the baby and their family, and could be something they keep hold of for years to come.

Bath Toys 

Bathtime for babies is a great time for them to experience new smells, sounds, and objects, and toys are a great way to help with this development. Whether it’s a simple rubber duck or a slightly more complex toy for them to engage with, there are loads of great opportunities for learning, development and fun for babies when they have toys to engage with during bathtime. 

A blanket 

Whether it’s for nap time, playtime or as a general companion through early life, a blanket is a great addition to your baby’s growing collection of essentials. Blankets can come in an array of sizes, colours and even themes, so if finding the perfect baby blanket isn’t always a quick job, but if done right, it can become something in the baby’s life which they simply can’t live without. 


The obvious addition to any good baby box. A good set of nappies will go a long way and be greatly appreciated by any new parents (as they’re going to be getting through a lot of them!). Something to consider when looking for nappies to add to a baby box is whether or not the parents have found the best nappies for their child already, as if they have, then great, you can stock them up with nappies with ease, or if they haven’t, you have a great chance to get a selection of different nappies which they can then try.

A further consideration when it comes to nappies is whether you get disposable or reusable nappies for your baby box. This is a decision that will likely have already been made by the parents, so once you know, you can make sure you get the right style for them. If they are using reusables, this is a great opportunity to go online and find some amazing colours and designs that will set your nappies apart from others that they may have already bought. 

Soft Toys 

Soft toys are not only a great addition for baby to play with and generally experience, but they also make for a great keepsake that parents can keep hold of as a reminder of their baby’s first years. 

If you’re struggling with putting together a baby box of your own making, then there are a number of brands out there such as Your Baby Club  as mentioned who have great prebuilt baby boxes on offer, which come with everything you’d expect from a top-quality baby box to help a family in their first weeks with baby. 

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