Awesome Road Trip to Keep Your Family Happy


You’re going on a road trip with your family. We know you can already hear the orchestra of “I’m bored!” and “Are we there yet?” coming from the back seat.

Keeping the whole family comfortable is imperative to a road trip that keeps your sanity intact. A part of this is keeping everybody’s hunger at bay, so you don’t need to stop for time-intensive and financially draining stops at fast food places to keep things going. Not only that, making sure you have the right food on hand will keep everybody occupied and more focused on the journey than the destination, which is pretty much the best thing you can hope for.

Always have these foods on hand to make sure your road trip is as memorable as possible:

Fresh fruit and nuts

To avoid the health implications of fast food or gas station fare, having some healthy options on deck is necessary during long road trips. Not only that, these unhealthy foods can make you and your family end up feeling not so great, which can result in an extra bathroom break when there wouldn’t have been one before. Go with some wholesale cashews and bags of whole apples to keep everybody’s hunger at bay, as well as the doctor away. The protein in the nuts will keep everybody’s fuel tank topped up, and the healthy minerals and antioxidants in the fruits will do you a lot of favors on top of everything else.

Granola bars

These are a great option if you want a ready-to-eat snack that’s easy on the wallet and even easier on the taste buds. Protein and fiber are the main draws to granola bars. You’ll find more than enough of both in your average bar to keep you going, no matter how long your road trip may be. The easy portability and simple eating procedure ensure they will be a road trip fixture for years to come.

Beef jerky

A crowd pleaser for all ages, beef jerky shouldn’t be left out of your road trip war chest when snack time comes around. Beef jerky is full of protein and doesn’t go wrong, further cementing its position on this list. On top of it all, beef jerky is very filling and satisfying, which means complaints of hunger are a thing of the past, so long as you have a package or two on hand.

Crackers and dip

This option is a bit more indulgent than others on the list, but keeping some crackers and some good dips on hand are a great way to keep everybody satisfied. The best part about this food is that it’s a time-consuming process to eat a whole box of crackers and a can of dip. It will keep everybody happy and occupied for up to an hour, and it’s hard to find someone who can resist the temptation.

Parting Words

A road trip doesn’t have to be a pain in the behind. Like everything in life, proper preparation can make having to travel long distances with the family much more bearable for everybody involved. With these snacks to back you up, you’ll be there before you even know it.

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