Are You at Risk? 6 Alarming Facts You Should Know About Heatstroke


You may think that you can only get heatstroke when the temperature is above 100° F, but that is not true. An 80° day with 75 percent humidity can be just as deadly with heatstroke as higher temperature days.

The best defense against heatstroke is to stay indoors where there is air conditioning. You may need a cooler on rent, to keep you and your family cool during the long hot months.

Here are 6 alarming facts you should know about heatstroke.

  1. Moist, Red, or Hot Skin

When you are engaged in heatstroke, your skin will be moist to the touch, red, and very hot. These are not the only symptoms, but they are a good indicator that a person is suffering from heatstroke.

Other individuals can have the red, hot skin, but it will be dry. This is because the individual can’t sweat like they should when not in the middle of a heatstroke. Others will sweat profusely and nonstop. Either way, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.

  1. Nausea and/or Vomiting

When someone is suffering from heatstroke, there may be no outward signs like hot, red skin. One of the telltale signs of heatstroke is nausea and/or vomiting.

If you are out in the heat and experience nausea and/or vomiting, get to an emergency room as soon as possible because heatstroke can cause damage to internal organs if not treated. 

You will need to move the heatstroke victim to the inside, preferably where there is air conditioning. Renting a cooler or an ac on rent, is a good idea if you are renting your home, apartment or room.

  1. Racing Heart, Sped-up Breathing

Extreme heat will add incredible stress on the heart. The heart is what is working to cool the body, so your heartbeat is faster. You can also start breathing heavier and faster.

If you or someone is experiencing faster heart rate and shallow, but heavy breathing, there is a chance of heatstroke. Get to a medical facility as soon as possible.

  1. Headaches

A regular headache is not going to be present with heatstroke. A throbbing, can’t-move-without-a-pounding-in-your-head type of headache is what you will experience with heatstroke.

This type of headache can be a signal of danger. Get into an air-conditioned building as soon as possible and seek medical help if the headache does not go away after about 10 minutes in the a/c.

  1. Age

Your age can be a factor in contributing to heatstroke. Older adults, as well as very young children, are more susceptible to heatstroke. 

It is recommended that older adults and young children limit their time in heat over 80° F. If this is not possible, keep both small kids and older adults in the shade as much as possible.

And make sure this group, as well as everyone, stays hydrated. It is important to make them drink lots of water during their time in the sun. And not alcoholic beverages as they take away from hydration. This will help to limit any damage from the sun.

  1. Agitation, Confusion, Mental Fog

Being out in the extreme heat can leave one with confusion, agitation, irritability, mental fog, slurred speech, and seizures. A state of delirium can cause someone to slip into a coma.

If you think you or someone is suffering from heatstroke, get medical help as soon as possible.

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