Are Personalized Cards Worth It?


A birthday, new job, promotion, buying a home, the birth of a child… no matter what’s going on in our lives, if we have something to celebrate you can guarantee we’ll receive a greeting card. With the rise in social media platforms in recent years and millennial influences being considered, we may be wondering how much longer the paper greeting card will be around for. 

The 2020 report from the UK Greeting Card Industry Market, commissioned by the GCA stated that the industry had remained resilient despite the pandemic and reduced footfall in retail. It was reported that over 90% of greeting card sales are carried out in physical stores, but the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns led to a huge increase in online sales. 

However, there are a few factors which may push the standard greeting card out of the limelight, one of those being personalized cards, which have become increasingly popular across the UK, especially with the launch of greeting card apps which make buying a card as simple as ordering pizza from Deliveroo. They’re the new hot trend in the greeting card industry, but are they really worth the hype? Here we explore some of the reasons we are veering towards personalized cards.

Less environmental impact

It’s no secret Gen Z appear more concerned about preserving the environment and reducing climate change than older generations, and so it makes sense that a single-use card which is likely read once and swiftly disposed of isn’t so appealing to them.

Personalized cards typically mean more to the recipient than a standard greeting card, and they may be more likely to want to keep the card rather than throw it in the bin a few days later. 

Adds a personalized touch 

If you want to make your friend feel particularly special, a personalized card is the one for you. Include a throwback photo of you and them or something that will evoke a good memory.

A personalized card can also be a great opportunity to give your recipient a laugh. Reference an anecdote or a joke they will appreciate. If you can, try to theme the card to the occasion. For example, if they’re a friend you used to flat with and they’re celebrating buying their first home, you could include a picture from your flatting days together. 

Affordable and convenient 

While a personalized card might sound like an expensive option, there is not much of a difference in price when compared with regular greeting cards. A standard birthday card in the UK costs a minimum of £2, while Card Factory UK offer personalized cards from £1.79.

Forget faffing about with stamps and hunting high and low for an envelope, personalized cards can be ordered online and shipped directly to your recipient. Of course, if you’d prefer to handwrite the card and deliver it yourself that’s fine too. Just input your own address when you checkout instead.

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