Arctic P402 Lightweight Dynamic Headphones with In-Line Microphone!


Graduation will be within the next week and my daughter has been asking for a new set of headphones almost everyday! Now keep in mind, I have purchased this girl a pair of headsets over ten times or more. She’s always saying, they not clear enough, the sound statically, I can’t answer my phone with them or they just suck as she puts it.

So when I came across the Artic P402 Lightweight Dynamic Headphones with In-Line Microphone, I knew right off, these were going to be a great gift to share with her on her graduation day.

With the latest technology built within these headphones, there’s no doubt in my mind they won’t offer her the performance of a good quality sound. The Artic P402 Lightweight Dynamic Headphones with In-Line Microphone are very lightweight as stated, weighing in roughly around 4.5 ounces, they’re very comfortable, and has a microphone in-line so you can even make or receive phone calls while you’re using them with your phone.

They will pair up easily to your device because they are wireless, Bluetooth, Studio Headphones.  The comfortable headband, and ear pads will definitely fit well upon your head! They are also equipped with Premium Sound Quality through enhanced Neodymium Drivers.

The P402 headphones are not only powerful with clear sound, they are very nice looking! As you see, they are black plastic with an aluminum plate on the headphones with the Arctic signature logo on them. 5 ounces.

For the price of $19.99, you really can’t beat this price for a good pair of headphones and yes, they will provide you with complete noise isolation! You’ll also be able to stay connected to your social network thanks to its in-line microphone which allows you to switch between your music and calls – you will never have to take them off.

In my opinion, if you’re looking for a nice, budget, pair of headphones with decent sound, I would recommend the Arctic P402!



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