The ARCTIC Global Charger 8000 USB Travel Charger With Quick Charge 2.0.


One thing for sure, if you’re traveling you definitely want to have access to charging your gadgets, right! Well, sometimes that might be difficult to do when some power sockets are not available. It can be such an inconvenience when you’re traveling and can’t get access to a few sockets to charge your gadgets.

I remember a while back when my husband and I were traveling and we needed a few sockets to charge our gadgets. When we got to a certain place to do so, all the sockets were being used by others which left our gadgets uncharged for hours. I was so upset that we had to travel for a while without our gadgets being charged especially our phones!

If anything you want to always make sure all your smartphones are charged, you just never know what can happen while you’re traveling.

That’s why I feel the ARCTIC Global Charger 8000 USB Travel Charger With Quick Charge 2.0 would be a great charging unit to have on hand when you travel, or at home!

Now the Arctic Global Charger 8000 will surely take care of your charging needs, it’s actually a great solution to multiple charging! The Arctic Global Charger 8000 will arrive in to you in a real nice soft but yet sturdy case with your charging unit and cords inside.

 The Arctic Global Charger 8000 can be plugged into any wall socket and delivers 8,000 milliamps of power. You can plug in 5 devices with ease to be charged and no, you won’t lose power nor will the charger overheat or short circuit.

The Arctic Global Charger 8000 has a 7 in 1 Protection: Not only fast, but also safe charging: The Global Charger 8000 has protective mechanisms like short circuit, overheat and overvoltage protection and thus ensuring complete safety for your devices while being charged. 

Take note that the Global Charger 8000 has four different AC Cables and two micro USB cables, plus it also features a 86 % efficiency rating. This not only saves money and lowers temperature, but also increases service life.

So, don’t wait visit ARCTIC today to grab your Arctic Global Charger 8000 , no matter which brand your smartphone, laptop or tablet is from this charge can charge and have your devices up in running anywhere!


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