Are you also wetting your pants?


Have you tried turning back from your run, jumping feverish down from a trampoline or holding in when sneezing, coughing or laughing – then it might be because you are afraid to wet your pants? But you are by far not the only one with this problem.  

Every third woman wets her pants

A third of all women experience incontinence after giving birth. The same goes for every second primiparous woman – and it’s completely normal. Pregnancy and birth is a strain on the pelvic floor muscles and it’s only natural that the lower regions of the body are malfunctioning from time to time.


Exercise your way through pregnancy

Pelvic floor exercises are crucial, in order for the muscle tone to return to normal strength after delivery, ensuring that you maintain your ability to hold in urine. And it’s definitely time to get started, if pelvic floor exercises are new to you. But especially pregnant women should do pelvic exercises to help their body cope with the growing weight of their baby.


It is scientifically proven that pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy make it easier to hold in urine for up to six months after delivery. But as with any training, you only experience a permanent effect when exercising regularly and properly.  


Control your pelvic floor with a new exercise app

A midwife, a physiotherapist and a gynaecologist have jointly developed a mobile app with a pelvic floor exercise programme, in order to help women get started correctly with the exercises.  

Regardless of whether you are skilled or the exercises are completely new to you, the training programme includes videos, photos and sound files that teach you new exercises, which you can do anywhere and with anyone. It’s an easy, handy and discrete exercise tool.  

The app is called Pelvic Floor Trainer – Squeeze during pregnancy and after birth and can become your new best friend in just few seconds. Get the app in AppStore:  or on Google Play:

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