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My daughter, 17 year old – Sarah, loves Adventure Time.  This animated film was no different.  She couldn’t take her eyes off of the television the entire time it was on.  She said, “If you are an Adventure Time fan, you will love Frost and Fire.  It’s that amazing and great”.  Sarah has loved Adventure Time for years.  I remember her watching when she was younger.  Now she has her boyfriend hooked, with this episode.  I sat down and watched it, as well, and it was different, but great to watch.  The princess is my favorite.  Sarah loves Finn.  Actually wanted her brother to dress like him for Halloween, but we couldn’t find a costume small enough.


There are 16 Episodes on this disk, bringing it to 176 minutes.  Adventure Time is Rated PG.

“Ice King thinks he’s sooooo cool, and that really burns up Flame Princess.  All the while, Finn is the one feeding the fire between the two elemental titans.  The Frost & Fire DVD not only features one scorching smackdown, but a total of 16 sizzling “Adventure Time” Episodes:”

1. Frost & Fire
2. Earth & Water
3. Jake the Brick
4. The Prince Who Wanted Everything
5. Something Big
6. Return to the Nightosphere
7. Daddy’s Little Monster
8. Joshua and Margaret Investigations
9. Davey
10. The Pit
11. Freak City
12. Memories of Boom Boom Mountain
13. James
14. Time Sandwich
15. Apple Thief
16. Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe

Adventure Time airs on Cartoon Network.  There are often new episodes so keep your eyes open for these.

You can order it on Amazon today for only $11.97.  That’s a great price.

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