9 Fresh Design Trends for the Bedroom in 2019


The bedroom is your haven for relaxing and enjoying yourself. It should be a functional space, but you probably also want it to feel comfortable, up-to-date and stylish, too. If you’re thinking of sprucing up your bedroom décor a bit, consider adding padded wall headboard, and the following on-trend design elements to your environment:

1.  A Bed With Storage Drawers Underneath

If your bedroom isn’t large enough to host a full suite of furnishings, a bed that offers storage drawers is a must-have piece. Sure, you could stuff a bunch of plastic bins under the bed instead of buying a storage bed – but that’s a tacky solution in comparison to a bed that offers you built-in drawers underneath. Storage beds are a hot trend with multiple demographic groups right now, but they’re especially popular with apartment dwellers, parents and Airbnb hosts.

2. Canopy Beds

Do you want your bedroom to feel like a romantic fantasy haven? If so, consider adding a canopy bed draped with luxurious linens to your bedroom ensemble. Canopy beds aren’t just for little girls any more. Although they’re definitely a fantastic option for girls’ bedrooms, right now, they’re trending up as part of the master bedroom decor.

There are many different ways to style this sort of piece. The draperies can be sheer and elegant, or they can be weighty velvet pieces. They can be printed or plain. This is a lovely option for adding some style and personality to an otherwise bland bedroom.

3. Trundle Beds

Trundle beds are space-saving solutions that allow you to maximize the square footage in your home. If you’re a parent with more children than bedrooms, an Airbnb host, or you frequently have more guests than you know what to do with, this is an excellent solution for any of the those situations.

4. Real Wood Furniture

Did you know that furniture made from medium density fiberboard (MDF), particle board or plywood frequently contains toxic formaldehyde and other undesirable substances? It’s true. Most frequently, formaldehyde is present in the glues that hold these types of pieces together. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns that significant exposure to formaldehyde is even likely to cause cancer.

More and more people are becoming aware of the problems posed by these composite wood products – and seeking to avoid them.

The problem is, buying real wood furniture isn’t as easy as it should be – because searching for “wood” or even “genuine wood” typically leads you to products made of MDF, particle board or plywood.

One possible way around this is to search for Amish furniture, which is typically handcrafted from genuine wood (but if this is important to you, be sure to double-check before making a purchase). Another option is to buy antique wood furniture that predates particle board.

5. Eco-Friendly Mattresses

You spend such a significant percentage of your life sleeping that it’s also beneficial to invest in a healthy, toxin-free, sustainable mattress. One of the main hazards to be aware of with mattresses is the possible addition of flame retardant chemicals, which can be irritants as well as health hazards.

For mattresses in the USA, check out the Futon Shop; they offer a broad selection of eco-friendly mattresses that are padded with safe, comfortable wool. If you accidentally light wool on fire, the flame goes out on its own, so no flame retardants are necessary to make this type of mattress safe from fire.

For mattresses in Sydney, Australia, try Ecosa’s CertiPUR-US and OEKO-Tex certified memory foam. These certifications ensure that the product has not been manufactured using harmful formaldehyde, flame retardant chemicals, heavy metals or other such undesirable substances.

6. Statement Headboards

The bedroom needs a focal point, and a statement headboard is the perfect piece to perform that function. Look for tufted headboards, embroidered headboards and headboards featuring bookcases.

Elegant headboards are not a brand new trend for 2019, as they’ve been popular bedroom furnishings in previous years. However, the headboard trend is still going strong in 2019.

7. Velvet Textiles

Velvet is another carry-over trend from last year. The velvet trend has staying power, and is still au courant for 2019. It works for curtains, bedspreads, upholstery and other types of textiles in the bedroom.

8. Chunky Knitted Throws

If your bedroom gets chilly at night, consider getting yourself a great, big, chunky knitted throw. It could be knitted in a plain jersey stitch, or it could be knitted in a fancier, textured stitch pattern. Either way, it’ll look fabulously stylish while killing the chill to keep you warm. You get bonus points if  you’re able to pick up a pair of knitting needles and make the throw yourself.

9. Curved Furniture Pieces

Blocky, minimalist bedroom furnishings are on their way out. Taking their place: subtly curved, enticing pieces that create a soft, sculptural look in the bedroom. If you need new bedroom furniture, curved chairs, curved headboards and curved dressers are all options you’ll want to consider.

These are 9 of the freshest, most innovative bedroom design trends in 2019. If you’re updating your bedroom decor soon, you’ll definitely want to consider incorporating some of these ideas into your space.

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