8 Reasons Moms Should Consider Drinking Less Coffee


Plenty of people — moms and beyond — totally live on coffee. You very well might be one of those moms, and that’s totally okay. Just like anything else, coffee can be perfectly fine in moderation. However, there are limits to healthy coffee consumption, or any caffeine really. If you feel like you rely on your morning cup of coffee every day but still need a few pick-me-ups throughout the day, you may be in a spot where you need to pull back. Even if you don’t quit cold turkey, there are plenty of benefits to cutting back even just a little bit. Here are just a few reasons why all the moms out there might want to consider drinking less coffee.

  • Caffeine Is Addictive

You may have heard before that “caffeine is a drug” and no matter how that phrasing sounds, it’s technically true. Caffeine is a stimulant, which means that it speeds up your body’s communication signals, and it can be extremely addictive. This can be especially true if you build it into your regular routine and rely on it to wake you up in the morning. If you’d rather not rely on caffeine, varying your use is probably the best bet.

  • Caffeine Reliance Can Make You Tired

This is among the addictive qualities, and it goes along with its stimulant capabilities. While coffee can speed up your body’s sensory signals, you can get used to the feeling over time and begin requiring it in order to wake up. This means that in instances where you can’t have coffee or simply haven’t had it yet, you may find yourself extremely tired until you get your morning or afternoon cup.

  • It Can Stain Your Teeth

Another reason to cut back on coffee is that it can leave stains on your teeth and turn them a yellowish color. Even though you can whiten your teeth after the fact and certain types of teeth such as implants don’t stain as easily, it’s a much more reliable option to simply cut back on coffee if you want to avoid stains on your teeth. Additionally, if you tend to drink iced coffee, using a straw instead or drinking it straight can sometimes help you avoid direct staining.

  • It Can Improve Your Circadian Rhythms

Drinking less coffee, especially if you cut it completely from your life, can have a profound impact on your circadian rhythms and help you get better sleep. When you don’t have stimulants altering your body, you can more easily adjust to your natural sleep cycles and get more comfortable, restful sleep each night. If you can’t give up coffee completely, you can try giving up coffee at least six hours before bed, which can help you sleep better come nighttime.

  • Balancing Your Hormones

Consuming more than 200 milligrams of caffeine per day can actually alter estrogen levels in women. Although different populations of women experience the hormone changes differently, it has been proven that caffeine consumption routinely alters them. This can be a big health concern, as changing estrogen levels can increase your risk for conditions like endometriosis and some cancers. While this doesn’t mean that you need to give up coffee completely, it seems that two cups a day is the upper limit of this particular point.

  • Better Digestion 

Everybody probably knows by now that coffee can create a laxative effect on the body, which significantly alters the digestive process. Even though this may seem like an immediate thing, drinking coffee frequently can have a lasting effect on digestion and gut health. Coffee is also extremely acidic, which can be very hard on the digestive system, especially in a prolonged capacity. If you want to improve your gut health, one of the many things that you can do to get started is cutting back on caffeine, but specifically cutting back on coffee.

  • Improved Blood Pressure

This one is pretty straightforward, but cutting back or cutting out caffeine and completely can help to lower blood pressure by removing out the stimulus effect from your daily experience. While you definitely don’t need to completely remove coffee from your routine in order to get this effect, reducing her and take as much as possible can often lead to lower blood pressure.

  • Fewer Headaches

Both caffeine and caffeine deprivation can have a migraine or headache attack when you get too reliant on it. By cutting back on coffee, you can reduce the number of headaches that you get on a regular basis. If you struggle with headaches, this can be an especially enticing benefit.

Why Moms Should Cut Back On Coffee

Although most things are fine in moderation, it’s always important to take regular critical looks at the way that you are treating your body. If you feel like you could benefit from reducing your caffeine intake, there’s no harm in giving it a try. Do you love your morning coffee every day?

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taming io
1 month ago

Thanks to this article I will try to eliminate coffee from my daily menu, really should not drink too much.