7 Women-Friendly Travel Destinations Around The World


Summer has arrived, and with it comes a healthy dose of wanderlust. Maybe you feel like dipping your toes into solo travelling as female, but don’t quite feel ready to take on some of the most notoriously dangerous cities for women. Don’t worry because in this list, we’ll share seven stunning, travel-inspo worthy travel destinations that are women-friendly.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark Among most Women-Friendly

Copenhagen, city of romantic canals and brightly painted houses, frequently tops lists of the worlds’ happiest, safest and most beautiful cities. Nestled in an eastern bay in Denmark, Copenhagen boasts picturesque gardens and architecture, innovative cuisine and a charming blend of past and present. In the city, there are plenty of historic buildings and sites to explore and outside the city, miles of lush green hiking spots abound. The locals are famously laid-back and progressive in their attitudes towards women, and crime is fairly low. This makes Copenhagen among the most women-friendly destinations in the world. 

2. Singapore City, Singapore

Sophisticated and dynamic, Singapore offers a unique contrast between the futuristic city and the surrounding jungles. The charm of Singapore is in the mish-mash of cultures left over from the colonial era, where Chinatown and Little India coexist side by side and most locals speak native English. With plenty of hiking, biking, and markets to explore, Singapore is high up on the list for any solo female traveler.

3. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is a lovely resort town in Mexico. Despite Mexico’s bad reputation, Puerto Vallarta is actually significantly safer than Orlando, Florida! The town boasts traditional Mexican architecture, sweeping beaches and an Old-World charm that can be hard to come by in other over-rated tourist destinations. Looking for things to do? There are plenty of Puerto Vallarta tours that will help you explore the thrill and relaxation that this town has to offer.

4. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is known as “The Rose of the North”- and for good reason. With over 300 temples in the region, Chiang Mai is a fantastic destination for solo female travelers interested in the history of Buddhism and Thailand. Go explore the intricately designed temples in the morning, go shopping in the Warorot market in the afternoon and enjoy a delicious Thai meal in the evening. The locals are accommodating and helpful to lost tourists, especially women.  

5. Montreal, Canada

The largest city in Canada’s French-speaking Quebec region, Montreal is known for its Francophone culture and big festivals throughout the year. Montreal has all four seasons, from bitterly cold winters to warm, breezy summers, so visit whenever it’s convenient! Montreal has a high student population and a great nightlife, along with beautiful mountain hikes nearby. The food is also hearty and delicious. Most importantly, the city is very safe and a great option for solo female travelers. If you plan to settle there then check some stunning condos at https://precondo.ca/top-condo-developers-toronto.

6. Bali, Indonesia

If cities aren’t your thing, try an exotic beach destination like Bali! Shooting to fame recently, Bali is now a sought-after destination with its pristine beaches, incredible coral reefs and dramatic volcanic landscape. Bali is famous for being laid back, with plenty of yoga and meditation retreats for the relaxed traveler. Bali’s western shores are more energetic, with a lively bar culture, while the more remote eastern and northern beaches offer a peaceful experience and some seriously stunning views. Whatever your preferences, Bali has something for everyone.

7. Kyoto, Japan

The historic city of Kyoto, Japan, was the emperor’s historic residence for nearly 1000 years. As such, the city has plenty of amazing traditional arts and crafts that survived World War 2. Go explore the Imperial Palace and the market places and the lovely gardens dotted around the city. With women-only cars on public transport and very low crime rates, Kyoto is perfectly safe for any female traveler.   

Although some places might not be the safest for women currently, there are definitely plenty of women-friendly gorgeous destinations!

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