7 Ways To Help Your Kids Do Their Homework


When your kid does his/her homework, you will be happy that they are learning to be responsible. Seeing them remember that they have homework by themselves is a great joy for any parent. However, if it gets too boring, if it gets too hard, they will veer away. Here are seven ways in which to help them not only do but enjoy their homework.

7 Ways To Help Your Kids Do Their Homework

  1. Set The Rules, But With The Involvement Of Your Kids

Granted, you are the boss, but it is your kids doing the homework. If you set rules that they do not agree with, there will be an unending conflict with the kids all the time. However, at the same time, if you let them have their way, they can be pretty nasty about it. Call them to a meeting and create some rapport, set the rules together so that if they break them, they will be reminded they set them. Some of them could be like no TV before homework, no toys before homework and so forth.

  1. Create A Classroom Environment For The Kids

This is very important. You will realize that when you create the right environment, you will be helping the kid’s mind adapt to the serious situation at hand – that of doing homework. It is not a very smart idea to have your kids do their homework in the sitting room when the TV is on, the radio blaring music and distractions from people coming through all the time. That is a poor studying environment. Set a room aside if there is one; make it their study room. For good measure, also get them a desk. That will make them feel more in an academic environment and they will do it gladly.

  1. Get Involved In Their Academics

Coming home, dumping your bag on the chair and asking disinterestedly “Junior, have you done your homework?” will not help matters. The most important thing is to ask and follow up if you were not there on time and if you are there, be involved. Let the children tell you what they studied in school, how their day at school fared and then you can guide them along with their homework. However, do not do it for them, just guide.

  1. Learn How Your Child Handles Her Studies

Children are inherently different and therefore you cannot apply the same rules to all of them. Leave some wiggle room for, after all, they are human beings. Some kids can sit down to homework and take it to the end without stopping. Some require frequent breaks every now and then. Let your children do their homework in the style that suits them, of course, within reasonable limits. This, however, does not mean that they should break the ground rules. Enforce the rules all through.

  1. Teach Your Children How To Manage Time

This is very important and anyway; it is the only way to ensure that they do everything that was assigned. Help the kids establish how much work they have to do, and what amount of time they would require doing all the work. Then, set a reminder such that by the end of that time, you will check to see whether they will have completed the assigned work. If you teach them time management, they will follow that even when you are not at home.

  1. Learn How To Motivate Them

So junior did all his homework on time last week, did you reward him with something? Just as you would cajole him if he did not complete his work on time, you should also reward him. This can be a small treat, nothing fancy and again; not every day, lest they get used to being rewarded for doing the right thing, but just a small token of appreciation. Kids will associate rewards with completing their work on time. That association is important.

  1. If Need Be, Keep The Kids Separate During Homework Hours

Your kids will grow up and go their separate ways. If there is a lot of talking going among them all the time when they are doing their homework, you may have to separate them. Keep them in their respective bedrooms and if they share one, keep on in the bedroom and the other in the sitting room or other room until they are done. Sounds matronly but you will be glad you did because they will be done with their homework by the time dinner is ready.


If you are a particularly busy mom, you can introduce free tutoring app to your kids. These apps can help your kids with most of the study problems they may have. This saves your time and efforts. If you are an iPhone user, let your kids use apple studying apps on your phone. On the other hand, if you are an android user, try one of the top online learning apps available.

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