7 tips to improve your home waxing results


Hair growing in different parts of the body is a common problem for many girls, women and some men. You don’t have to spend a fortune getting rid of your unwanted hair. At home waxing is an affordable, simply and easy way to get rid of unwanted hair. The key is to make use of quality film wax like Bella Verde Wax Kit. In addition you have to follow certain best practices, in this article; we’ll explore 7 tips to help improve your at home waxing results.

In other to get the best results from you’re at home waxing Bella Verde Wax Kit https://bellaverde.us/ you have to take note of the following before and after waxing routines.

Before and during home waxing;

  1.     First things first – prepare
  2.     Hair length
  3.     Dry your skin & create a buffer zone
  4.     Work in zones
  5.     Applying the wax
  6.     Avoid removing from the wrong direction

After home waxing;

  1.     Your aftercare routine

First things first – prepare:  Before you start home waxing it is important that you prepare your body. You can do this by simply taking a shower or making use of the pre-waxing spray, it is a professional cleansing product which comes along with your Bella Verde Wax kit. The whole idea behind this first step is to have a clean and well degreased skin. If you decide to use the pre-waxing spray cleansing product; first apply the spray on your skin and then distribute using a paper towel to spread it all around the entire area. Make sure to cover entire surface of your skin and wait for a few minutes to allow the product to work and dry completely on your skin.

Hair length: Make sure that the hair you want to wax isn’t too short or too long. The most suitable hair length for waxing is three-quarters of an inch. So it is best you trim, hair that’s too long as this can make waxing painful and more complicated. You can trim your hair using a clean personal grooming tool, for example a safety scissors or an electronic trimmer.

Dry your skin & create a buffer zone: Make sure to dry your skin completely using a paper towel. This will enable the wax adhere well to your skin. Next, create a buffer zone by applying either a little powder cornstarch or talcum powder all over the surface of the area you want to wax and rub gently. The powder helps to absorb any moisture and protect your skin from being damaged during the pull.

Work in zones: To get a great result from Bella Verde Wax at home waxing, it is best you work in zones. For instance waxing your leg; apply Bella Verde Wax to the lateral part of your sheen, then wax the front, inner and back part of your leg. Please note that when applying wax you need to press down and pull your skin towards yourself.

Applying the wax: To apply the wax; cut open one wax bead pack (your kit comes with X5 wax bead packs). Pour into the digital wax warmer and set timer to 194OF. Allow the wax to melt for several minutes. Then pick up some wax using the spatula, which comes with your Bella Verde Wax kit. Swirl it to prevent wax from dripping, and then press down into the muscle towards yourself. This ensures proper adhesions of the wax to your skin so that the hair gets removed better. The wax takes 5 seconds to solidify, then, hold your skin and pull the wax away from you to get it off; this ensures the wax doesn’t break.

Avoid removing from the wrong direction: always apply the wax smoothly onto your skin following the grain. Only apply your strip in the same direction. When pulling off the solidified wax, hold your skin taut with one hand then pull the wax slightly in the direction of hair growth. Then, use the other hand to pull off the strip or wax in the opposite direction in one fast, swift motion.

It is important to note that when pulling off the solid wax do so parallel to your skin and not upwards from you so as not to damage your skin and cause bruising. Repeat for the different skin surface you want to wax.

After home waxing;

Your home waxing aftercare routine: The best way to care for your skin after waxing is to apply Bella Verde after-waxing spray to finish off the waxing procedure. Bella Verde after-waxing spray helps soothe and moisturize your skin after at home waxing. Some people also apply baby oil lotion after waxing for the same reasons.

Bella Verde Waxing Kit is suitable for all skin types as the wax temperature is preset to ensure it is mild on your sensitive skin and will not burn. For more information please see detailed instructions which come along with your Bella Verde waxing kit to get the most out of your waxing experience. 

Order your own Bella Verde kit today and enjoy beautiful skin free from unwanted hair.

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