7 Fun Activities for Kids


Even though boxing is considered to be a game for adults, a lot of kids are showing their interest and curiosity in this game these days. It is a physical sport, so extra care and caution are needed with kids; this is why kids boxing gloves can be used in the following activities that are safe and are perfect for improving boxing skills of your child.

  • The Heavy Bag

This activity is a long tradition in the world of boxing. For kids punching the heavy bag can turn into a very fun and exciting game that will help them improve their core skills. You can hold the heavy bag for your kid and let them hit as hard as they can. This will test their fortitude and build their body strength.

  • Shadow Sparring

A very fun and valuable game, shadow sparring is a great activity of boxing with kids. It teaches your kids how to have applicable self-control and ways to go towards improvement in their footwork and body balance. In this game, two kids can box by only wearing their boxing gloves, but they are not allowed to make any physical contact.

  • Paper Mouth

To develop reaction time and evasion, this activity/game can be incorporated into a kid’s routine. One kid is allowed to fold an A4 paper and keep it in his mouth while the other kid will try and take it out of his mouth neatly and justly.  The kid who manages to take the paper out of its competitor’s mouth will win the game, but they should not be allowed to use any offensive moves to try and grab the paper, but simple boxing techniques should be used to win the game.

  • The Sock Drill

This game is designed not only to have fun with kids but to work on their footwork as well as evasion skills.  Every kid in this activity will hang a sock on top of his shirt. All the kids will then compete to steal the sock of his opponent while keeping his on. 

  • Name Punching

 You can place alphabet stickers on the wall and let the kids punch the spelling of their name.  This activity is of ultimate significance when it comes to visual processing. It teaches the kids to be communicative, show their brainpower and ought to fun at the same time.

  • Danger Alley

Another simple yet fun game with boxing gloves for kids is danger alley. In this game, a child will go from one kid to another kid. Upon reaching every other competitor, he must perform a boxing self-defense act to stop op them from attacking him and keeping him in danger.

  • Wild and Crazy Blocker

The boxing instructor any other student kid will strike the first kid with a padded foam blocker.  These attacking attempts will vary in directions and body points. The first kid has to use his boxing skills to block other people from hitting him.  Every time they block an attack, they get a one-point score. Whoever has the most points wins the game.

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