7 Biggest LEGO Sets of All Time


If you’re a LEGO enthusiast and you love to try more challenging builds, these huge LEGO playsets are perfect for you! Read the list below and choose your poison!

1. LEGO Star Wars UCS AT-AT Walker

Piece Count: 6785

If you love a great challenging build, you can’t go wrong with this playset! This LEGO Star Wars UCS AT-AT Walker set will not only satisfy your LEGO-loving self but will also make your inner Star Wars fan gush over this brick set!

Not only is it large in terms of piece count, but it’s also relatively bigger compared to other playsets! When built, it stands mightily at 62 cm and measures 69 cm long.

To make it ready for battle, the LEGO itself features posable legs and head, rotating canons, a bomb drop hatch, and a place for 40 minifigures inside!

If you’re one of the ultimate Star Wars, you can’t go wrong with this playset! Not only is it a challenging build, but it’s also a highly detailed set which makes the build even more worth it!

2. LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Piece Count: 7541

Speaking of highly detailed LEGO sets, the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon is definitely in the conversation. With exactly 7541 pieces inside the box, it’s no wonder how the intricate details were achieved on this one.

This brick set is complete with a cockpit, upper and lower quad laser cannons, and other iconic details to make sure that die-hard fans are not disappointed.

If you think the previous one was big, this bad boy is even bigger! When built, it measures 84cm long, 21 cm tall, and 56 cm wide.

When this iconic Star Wars ship was released back in 2017, it was the largest LEGO set ever created and also the most expensive. But the price didn’t stop avid fans at all, because it’s incredibly worth it!

The whole set will take you about 24 hours to build, so while you’re at it, why not binge the whole series to make the experience even more one-of-a-kind!

3. LEGO Architecture Colosseum

Piece Count: 9036

Now, we’re onto the big boys! With a whopping 9000+ pieces, the LEGO Architecture Colosseum is certainly one of LEGO’s biggest and most challenging sets.

This brick set is from LEGO’s Architecture theme which gives a nod to the most incredible architectural feats in the history of mankind. In this case, it’s the amazing replica of Rome’s historic Colosseum.

Not only is it one of the biggest sets in terms of piece count, but the LEGO Architecture Colosseum is also filled with intricate details. This playset replicates the real Roman amphitheatres with 80 ribs in the spectator stands and varying brick colours to perfectly capture the ageing look of the Colosseum.

When built, the LEGO Colosseum stands at 27cm tall, 52cm wide, and 59cm deep. The best part is that the building guide also mimics the actual building process of the landmark when it was first erected.

4. LEGO Titanic

Piece Count: 9090

Just a few more pieces than the LEGO Colosseum, the LEGO Titanic is a perfect replica of the iconic Titanic ship. Not only is it one of LEGO’s biggest sets in terms of piece count, but it’s also LEGO’s longest figure, measuring 135cm when built.

It’s complete with a swimming pool, the iconic bridge, a grand staircase, a boiler room, and other details from the original ship!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of ships and history, or just a Leo fan, we’re certain your heart will go on with the LEGO Titanic play set!

Just keep it away from water because it’s not made to float.

5. LEGO Art World Map

Piece Count: 11695

And now for the biggest LEGO set ever created, the LEGO Art World Map. With a whopping 11000+ pieces, this playset is certainly one of a kind.

But it’s not even the best part. The best thing about this playset is that it also doubles as wall art! Once you’re finished with the build, you can simply hang it on your wall as a reminder of your achievement, or you can also use it to track your travels all over the world!

This is perfect for both LEGO lovers and travel enthusiasts!

If you’ve already found your next LEGO build in this list, there’s nothing left to do but shop for LEGO sets and kits online.

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