6 Birthday Gifts Kids Will Love and Parents Will Appreciate



Giving gifts to children can be wonderful, and seeing the excitement bloom across their faces and receiving their undying gratitude. However, if children dislike something, they’ll be sure to let you know, which can make gift-giving a harrowing experience. If you’re a nervous gift giver and would like some foolproof gift ideas, here are five great birthday gifts that both parents and children love.


Legos come in a range of colors and sizes, and it’s not an issue to have a duplicate set, making them the perfect gift for children of varying ages. These days, Lego has numerous age-appropriate sets that children can build, from a figure of Hogwarts to a replica of the White House. Depending on the complexity of the set, it can be a challenge for older children as well. 

Personalized gifts

Personalized gifts can make an ordinary item extra special. For example, a nightlight is a staple in any child’s bedroom. However, try one that has the child’s name on it for a special touch. Alternatively, you could also opt for a puzzle set with your favorite family picture or portrait of your pet.


Robots are no longer just stories from science fiction; they’re now very practical and also attainable. These toys are fun, but studies also suggest that robots could help a child’s communication and problem-solving skills. There are varying types of children’s robots on the market, from beginner models to highly advanced ones, with prices to match.

Funducational gifts

Just because something is educational doesn’t mean it has to be boring, and some gifts can show children that learning can be fun. Miniature science experiment kits are readily available online and in specialty toy shops. Dinosaur excavation kits are another great option, encouraging kids to dig through the fake rock and unearth a “fossil” buried inside it. Children learn about paleontology and get to break things at the same time. 

Consumable Gifts

Instead of more plastic trinkets, consider gifts that can be consumed, such as a specialty iced cookie with the child’s name on it. Alternatively, grab a gift voucher for a half dozen cupcakes from your local baker, or milkshakes for two at the pier. Children love feeling like a grown-up and being able to ‘pay’ for the date with mom and dad. 

Unconventional Storybooks

Books have always been a popular children’s gift. Stories like Cinderella have been around for hundreds of years. Modern classics, like Disney fairy tales or Roald Dahl, are always still a hit, but there are also excellent storytime books that tell of real-life historical figures in a way that excites children like any good fable. For example, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls by Elena Favilli is a book that tells the stories of powerful women in history.

The uncertainty of buying a birthday present for someone’s child can make anyone panic and reach for the tried and tested plush toy. However, with a bit of imagination and forethought, many gifts are available that both parents and kids will love.

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1 month ago

These days, Lego has several age-appropriate sets that youngsters may build, from a figure of Hogwarts to a octordle reproduction of the White House. It can be difficult for older kids too, depending on how intricate the set is.

27 days ago

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