5 Tips For Turning Your Home Into A Cozy Haven This Winter


Your home is where you spend most of your life. It’s where you create the best memories, where you and your family grow up and spend time together. So, your home should be somewhere that feels safe, comfortable and incredibly cozy.

This can be achieved in 5 simple steps: just a few additions or rearrangements can get your favorite rooms in your home to beckon people to sit in them.

  • Textiles

Add more textiles to your living room to make give it a softer, cozier feel. Invest in some luxury cushions for your sofas and armchairs, and layer some thick, fluffy throws and blankets over them. Your family and guests will love to snuggle on your sofa, and your pets will be pleased too!

  • Color

To bring together a room in your home, like the living room, and give it the illusion of being cozier, curate a color scheme and make sure that pops of your chosen colors are present in even the smallest of details. These don’t have to be soft, muted colors, either; why not try an eclectic mix of loud shades. As long as you have a theme and you’re consistent, your home space will feel well-put together and will bring joy to all.

  • Furniture

To make a room cozier, try adding more furniture! This doesn’t necessarily mean adding a whole new sofa or dining table – that could clutter the space. Instead, add a small coffee table amongst your sofa arrangement in your living room, or perhaps a drinks tray or footstool.

Also, adding mirrors to every room will add dimension to your home, improving aesthetic and giving a luxury feel.

You can also try rearranging the furniture in your rooms to achieve a cozier feel – moving the sofas around, for example, can make way for more furniture, or placing furniture closer together can make the room feel more intimate.

  • Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important features to think about when creating a cozy environment in your home. You should go for soft, yellow-based light bulbs, as opposed to white light which can be stark and unwelcoming. Lower lighting means a cozier atmosphere, and thick lamp shades will help mute some of the light. Consider this when picking what vibe you want your home to have, especially when it comes to the season, as in winter you may want lower lighting and summer you may want the light to be brighter.

Don’t stop at ceiling lights though, add comfort with lamps of various size, heights and style depending on the room. Also, fairy lights can bring to life a home not just in the festive season, but all year round. White string-lights fit well in a modern-style kitchen, and your kids are bound to love multi-colored fairy lights in their bedrooms!

And don’t forget about candles: scented or unscented, small or pillar – they will up the coziness of your home tenfold.

  • Heat

For a room to be really cozy, it must be warm. If you don’t have an open fireplace or original features, you may choose to get an electric fireplace built in.

You can even create a cozy atmosphere outside in your garden. Just get a patio heater and place it over some comfy outdoor seating (making sure there are plenty of blankets to hand), and voila!

However, be mindful that weather-related power outages can occur regularly, so to keep your house ticking over all year round – and keep it cozy – you’ll need a fully-functioning and dependable generator. You can even buy generators that are quieter than others and are perfect for the home, so won’t disrupt your calm.

By following these 5 simple tips your house will become a home, and you’ll want to share its new-found comfort with all your friends and family, in time for the festive season!

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