5 Tips to Save Money on Last-Minute Travel Deals


Don’t know what to do with the upcoming long weekend? Don’t worry! Though you may have left your plans to the last minute, it’s not too late. Here are a few tips on how you can score affordable flights and travel deals in no time. With this guide, make sure that this extended holiday is one for the books!

Whether you’re looking for a scenic getaway or an exciting city escape, planning the perfect weekend trip is all about finding those essential components: flights, accommodation, food and activities. With these simple tips from us, you can easily create your dream vacation while taking advantage of late rooms and travel deals!

Finding Last-Minute Flight Deals 

For any spontaneous weekend escape, the initial hurdle is usually finding last-minute flights – but don’t worry, we can still help you save money! Booking tickets in advance will certainly give you a better chance of securing cheaper fares. But if it’s too late for that, our methods are guaranteed to come to your rescue and get you great deals on those elusive last-minute trips. Here’s how:

1) Install the best flight booking app

Equip your phone with flight booking apps for the ultimate convenience of searching and reserving flights in no time. StudentUniverse or Flyaway (if you’re not a student) are both suitable choices to download. Additionally, if you have any of these apps, then you can receive quick alerts when prices fluctuate — which brings us to our next tip…

2) Stay updated with price alert notifications

Don’t waste time continuously searching for the best deals on your ideal itinerary – sign up with us today and turn on price drop notifications! We’ll alert you when prices have dropped, ensuring that you get the greatest bang for your buck without having to lift a finger. Get started now and start saving money right away!

3) Consider a red-eye flight

Trying to save money on airfare? Opt for a red-eye flight! These overnight flights are usually more affordable than those during normal hours, and you can take advantage of even greater savings if you’re willing to book last minute. And with that extra cash in your pocket, who knows how far it will go?

4) Choose a budget airline

Fly on a budget airline for thrilling last minute flight deals! Don’t believe us? You can try out Spirit, Frontier and Jetblue to see their amazing offers. (Pro tip: StudentUniverse provides you with the perfect platform to check numerous airlines and itineraries at once!)

5) Use promo codes

If you’re searching for a last-minute flight, then why not take advantage of our promo codes too? Our promotional sales offer up to $30 off your next ticket purchase. That’s right – an extra discount on top of already discounted prices! There’s no need to wait around and miss out when these once in lifetime deals are just within reach. Don’t forget that with just one code, you can save big on those essential last-minute trips!

Are you in search of a last-minute rental car deal? Look no further! StudentUniverse offers amazing deals on last minute rentals. Finding the perfect option is so simple: just compare hundreds of our cars and rates with one easy search, to get the cheapest and best plan for your needs. Get access to great savings today by booking a car through us!

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