5 Tips to Saving Time and Money the Next Time You Move


Moving houses from one place to another can be tiring, discouraging and an expensive affair. It can also take a lot of your time and end up stressing you out. However, with proper planning, you can move houses, towns or cities without having to spend too much time and money. In this article, we shall discuss the Benefits of planning your move ahead of time.  

The tips below will also help you to save money and time on your next move. Here are the 5 tips that can help you to save money and time the next time you move:

  1. Downsizing before you move

You do not have to carry all the stuff you own as you move. Fewer items mean you will pay less in moving costs. There are lots of items you do not use any more. You do not need to carry these to your new home. You can donate such items and ease your moving costs. You also get a tax benefit when you donate. Just make sure you get a receipt for your donations and have your payable tax lessen the next time you are filing your tax returns.

  1. Get your packing materials cheaply

You will need boxes and tape for your packing needs. You do not have to buy new boxes for your packing needs. You can get used or free boxes as long as you plan for these ahead of your move. Sites such as The Freecycle Network is a good place to find free packing boxes. You can also use your pillows, clothes, and zip-to-bags as packaging materials. You will not need to pay for these, hence saving your time and money. Be creative and use other containers in the house for your packing needs.

  1. Get quotes from moving companies

If you decide to use a moving company for your transportation needs, you should get quotes from the various moving companies in your locality. Compare the prices and choose the most cost-effective movers. If you decide to hire a truck and move on your own, you still need to compare the prices from the different renting companies. You should know how much space you need for you to hire the right type of a truck. You could save money by hiring a smaller truck if your load is not too big.

  1. Schedule your date of moving

Your scheduling of the date of moving has a bearing on the overall cost of moving. You will pay 20 to 30% cheaper if you move between October and April. The number of people moving at this time isn’t as many as during the summer months. If you are going to hire a mover or a truck, you could schedule your move for mid-month. At this time, movers are likely to have fewer reservations as compared to the beginning of the month. Moving rates are cheaper on the weekdays as compared to the weekends.

  1. Organize your things strategically

Once you reach your new home, you want to access your items with ease and quickly.  This helps you save time as you settle down to unpack and organize the new house. Before you move, pack all the things you will need right after you reach, in a separate box and label it. Mark the boxes based on the rooms they are going.

All your cleaning supplies need to be put in a separate bag and have it labeled appropriately. You should also organize your electronics and electronic cables for ease of access when you reach the new home.


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3 years ago

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