5 Tips for Choosing Air Filters


They don’t always get credit in popular media, but air filters can become critical components in your overall home design. The right kind of protection will block impurities, reduce odors and improve air quality overall, leaving your environment fresh and clean for growing children or beloved pets.

But what if you’ve never shopped for air filters before? What if you need help choosing the best filters for your home? 

Here are just five tips for choosing air filters. They shouldn’t be taken as an exhaustive list, but they’ll be enough to get you breathing cleaner air by the end of the day.

1: Look Into Their Efficacy

What safety percentages can they offer? How many pollutants do they stop during the average day? Legitimate air filter companies will test their products to get these numbers and make them available to the public. If they don’t have any quantified data, don’t believe their claims.

2: Understand Their Limits

Certain filters are better than others at eliminating pollutants from your air supply. For example, 3M air filters and similar high-quality brands can stop everything from pollen to pet dander, while others might only be able to promise their usefulness against dust and dirt.

3: Check Their Qualifications

The American Lung Association (ALA) has a published list of guidelines for indoor air quality. The filters that meet these standards are the ones that you’ll want to buy. If their package doesn’t bear an ALA seal of approval, look elsewhere for your filters.

4: Consider Longevity

Good air filters will last for months. Average air filters might lose their effectiveness after a few weeks. On the other hand, the latter is much cheaper, so you’ll need to decide for yourself if longevity can be sacrificed for a lower bottom line. There’s no “right” answer; it all depends on your personal preferences.

5: Compare and Contrast

Don’t ever buy air filters just because you like their package. Take the time to fully vet them by comparing them to others on the market. Look at things like size, efficiency, chemical additives, airflow rates and resistivity to microscopic allergens. Sites like Your Filter Connection can help.

These are just five ways to find high-quality air filters. Remember, it’s important not to buy the first brand you see. You’ll need to do your research in order to find a brand that’s safe, certified and optimized for the health and wellness of your family.

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