5 Things You Can Do To Detect COVID Early at Home


The threat of COVID and the impact it can have on your health and ability to work has to be taken seriously.

That is why it is imperative to use early detection methods at home so you can take appropriate action and mitigate the risks as best as possible.

There are viable options available so that you can test for COVID at home. These include a simple saliva test, for instance, so that you have a reliable indication of whether you have become infected available as quickly as possible.

Here are some of the things you can do at home for early detection of COVID.

Check for symptoms

One of the issues you have is that COVID has a wide range of symptoms and people react differently when becoming infected.

Typical symptoms include having a higher temperature or developing a cough. You might also experience fatigue and muscle ache, and you could lose your sense of smell or taste.

Some of these symptoms can develop with other ailments. That’s why it is wise to test for COVID as soon as possible so that you can confirm or eliminate whether this is the reason for feeling ill.

Order a testing kit

As already highlighted, you could take a saliva test at home using a kit that you can order online.

Testing for COVID is usually very straightforward and using an appropriate testing kit will help you identify your status regarding the virus in a very short space of time.

Testing for COVID at home is fast and convenient. It will also help you make an informed decision as to what to do next if the test result is positive.

Check your temperature

Your body temperature can provide an indication of whether you might have COVID.

If you discover that your body temperature is higher than normal it will provide a suitable prompt that you need to investigate further as to why that is. 

You might want to check your body temperature and then order a test kit based on the reading.

Check your back and chest 

Another useful indication that may suggest you have COVID is when you have a raised temperature in your back and chest area.

You can simply touch these areas to get an idea of whether you are hotter than usual. A higher temperature in your back and chest area could indicate that you have COVID. It is obviously easy to check this at home, and it could provide a useful pointer.

Pick the right time to test

It should be noted that it is considered most effective to test yourself within 5-7 days of when you suspect that you might have contracted the virus.

As soon as you are feeling unwell or have some of the classic symptoms associated with COVID you should arrange to carry out something like a saliva test as quickly as possible.

Testing within that 5-7 day window will often give you the best results. Knowing whether you have COVID or not will give you more options and allow you to deal with the situation more efficiently.

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