5 Strategies to Get an Emergency Fund for Single Parents


A lot of parents in the United States are faced with too much financial pressure. Most of the parents have to pay for needs that are completely free in other countries, which include universal health care, paid maternity leave or even free pre-schooling. The situation is even worse for single parents. The expenses of raising a young child until he or she can attend to their own needs can be as high as $240,000. Considering that the needs always increases while salaries remain stagnant, this simply means that single parents are some of the people who need frequent financial assistance to cover their day to day living and other emergency expenses.

Here are some of the resources or strategies that single parents can use to get financial assistance.

Government support for single parents

There are several programs that the government offers to single mothers. Some of these programs include the Emergency Food Assistance Program, Women Infant and Children Program (WIC), Summer Food Service Programs among others. The programs are offered to children of low-income mothers and fathers while others focus on mothers and their families at large. With the programs, single mothers can benefit from free or subsidized food, medical care, and others even go to the extent of providing energy grants to qualified mothers.

Grants and scholarships for single mothers and fathers

There are also grants given to low-income individuals who have qualified for a college education. Most of the recipients are from families that earn an income of less than $30,000. Pell Grants, for instance, can be a good option for single parents who want to further their studies. Tech Grant is also a teaching program for people who want to become teachers and people from low-income families, including single mothers can qualify for. Other grants that single mothers can qualify for include PeaChic Grants offered to women entrepreneurs or those who want to start their own businesses, Huggies Mominspired Grant program whether mothers can share their innovative ideas and the women’s independence scholarship program that offers funds for higher education to those who are victims of domestic violence.

Loans for single mothers

This may sound new to most people, but yes, there are actually some loans that are offered exclusively to single mothers. With the high unemployment rate, there are lenders who are willing to offer emergency cash to single mothers. Single mothers who are above the age of 18 with a government-issued ID card and no criminal history can easily qualify for the loan. You can visit website for more information about loans for single mothers.

Non-profits that offers assistance to single mothers

There are also non-profit organizations that offer financial assistance to single mothers. These organizations, like the Mommies Network, helps mothers find friendship and support from the communities they live in. Others like Help a Mother Out offers diapers free of charge to needy families.

With the current economic conditions, there is no doubt that single, mothers face a lot of financial hardships. Luckily enough, there is quite a number of financial assistance that single mothers can qualify for. These financial programs help single mothers pay medical bills, educate children and even cater for their day to day expenses and besides, they are very easy to qualify for.




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