5 Software Platforms To Support Your Remote Business


Running a remote business presents both great opportunities and a variety of challenges. Building up a strong online presence is paramount, as is ensuring that your teams have high-performing tools to communicate, produce and collaborate. To support the success of your remote company, consider the following software platforms.

1 . Flock

Flock is a business communication platform which supports SMEs to unify their teams and increase productivity. The platform features real-time messaging so that employees can seamlessly exchange project info. The software uses data encryption TLS 1.2, ensuring that your communications are fully secure. Flock also includes features such as admin controls, multiple integrations, polls and video conferencing. Flock’s video tool empowers remote teams to connect using one-to-one or group calls.

  1. Contently

Contently is a robust content marketing tool, offering a talent network, content strategy, and enterprise content software. The software helps businesses to streamline content-related projects and keep track of ROI. The Contently platform includes collaboration tools such as workflow tools, remote approvals and a calendar. Contently analytics tools support your business to improve the performance of your campaigns and streamline your operations. The platform enables you to ensure that your content is SEO optimized and representative of consistent branding.

3 . Intradiem

Intradiem is a call center workforce automation software platform. The platform connects with leading contact center providers, including LMS, ACD or WFM. Using Intradiem, you can achieve awareness of events and center data, in real-time. The platform is both scalable and powerful, monitoring around 50 billion data points, within the customer base. The Intradiem rules engine supports execution filtering, queues, agents, line of business and more. The software also supports agents using one-to-one coaching to improve staff development.

  1. Podio 

Podio is a collaboration platform, enabling your employees to organize their projects and deliver quality outcomes. The software uses an open API, meaning that staff can create customized apps to suit their needs. With Podio, you can consolidate your business processes. Teams can access conversations and content under a single platform. The software provides both reports and visualizations, providing you with a detailed picture of project progress. Using Podio reports, you can access info on sales pipelines, project budgets and stage of completion.

  1. Bluejeans

The BlueJeans video conferencing tool enables your teams to conduct live video meetings and share content. The solution is both secure and scalable; users can also host events and webinars. In 2020, webinars are a powerful marketing tool, offering brands the perfect way to extend their reach and establish authority. The ‘BlueJeans Rooms’ feature allows users to hold a video conference using any space and including 100 participants. Other features of the platform include SIP trunking, meeting analytics and custom interface branding. A high-performing video conferencing platform is a must-have for any modern business. Other options include Zoom, Microsoft Teams or GoToMeeting. It’s also useful to support your team with a few video conferencing tips.

Of course, these are just a few of the tools that are useful to support remote teams. It’s advisable to trial a few different solutions, to find the platforms that work best for your business.

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