5 Smart Tips For Parents To Prepare Their Kids For School



Starting school can be an exciting adventure but for some children, it can be a difficult time, and somewhat scary. Regardless of whether your child starts pre-school or has been in school for a few years, it’s as always important to prepare them for the school start in the right way.

Going to school involves basic day-to-day skills, following certain routines, interacting with peers, staying motivated during classes, and being able to sit for several hours and concentrate on important subjects so the child can learn how to get better grades and do well in school.  Getting back into the rhythm of things may not only be tough on children but also parents and therefore it’s important to test out different approaches as a family and support each other when the school year begins.

In this article, we share some smart tips for parents to prepare their kids for school.


Regardless of whether the child is happy or anxious about starting school, communication is a must. But it’s not always so easy to know how to talk about the subject, at least not if the child is feeling down. Using empathic communication can be an excellent method for parents to understand the children’s perspective.

Empathetic communication focuses on listening to the child when they describe what makes them not want to start school or feel anxious about it, without the parents interrupting, comforting, or sharing their thoughts. When the child has finished sharing their feelings, the parent can come up with positive input and reflections on what worries the child.

Sleep Routines and Good Eating Habits


Sleep helps students’ ability to learn, perform better and retain valuable information and knowledge. Too little sleep risks your child not remembering what they’ve learned in class. Teenagers aged 13-18 should sleep 8-10 hours per night and schoolchildren aged 6-12 need around 9-12 hours of solid sleep. 

Sleep is also important for managing stress. When children are exposed to mental stress, which is often experienced during exams, the level of stress hormones rises.

The brain needs energy and a steady supply of glucose. If your child eats a hearty breakfast, they’ll manage to stay awake and attentive during their morning classes. The brain likes regular meals and eating slow carbohydrates can give a stable blood sugar and a longer feeling of satiety. Snacks, such as nuts and fruits are important for growing children.

Packing the School Bag

Engage the child in the organizing and packing of their school bag. Let your child be involved in the planning of which clothes to wear and which snack to pack, as much as you possibly can. Allow your child to feel responsible for their packing by making it a fun and “grown-up” activity.

Having a school kit with the things needed before starting school can make it a whole lot easier. For example, having a backpack, lunch box, gym bag, and water bottle are a good start. A smart trick is also to color-coordinate the child’s notebooks by school subject so it will be easier to keep track of which book belongs to which subject.

Involve the Child in Planning


When school starts, everyday routines for the whole family start too. Going from not having to worry about any schedules to having gym bags, leisure activities and homework to keep track of can be tough. 

A super effective trick to avoid stress and get directly in control is to set up a common family calendar. In the calendar, each family member can have their column for what plans there are ahead.

Another way to involve the child is by jointly planning the week. Nice desktop wallpaper can then come in handy where you can go through all the activities and important things to remember every week. This way, they begin to mentally prepare for what’s to come, and they might also find it fun to help keep track of school assignments and tasks.

Learning Environment

Encourage and instill the belief that your child can improve themselves through practice and exercise. Create good routines around homework and choose a calm and relaxed environment for them where there are no mobile phones or other distracting objects.

Effective studying requires full concentration, repetition, and quick feedback. Most of all, the child will manage to remember the important study material if they reread what they’ve learned shortly after their study time and then test themselves.

In Closing

To help with smooth school start preparation, there are many smart ways a parent can use to ease their children’s school life and also manage their own stress. The abovementioned tips are excellent ways to help you and your family stay organized and on top of things.

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