Five Shows That Educate Through the Power of Storytelling


Last week I had to unexpectedly watch my friend’s preschoolers while she dealt with an emergency.  I had forgotten how much work they are, but they are also a lot of fun!  When they asked to watch a show, I wondered what to put on for them.

5 Shows That Educate Through the Power of Storytelling

My kids are teens, so I wasn’t sure what was happening these days in kids’ programming.  Luckily, I found WildBrain and their incredible resources of shows on YouTube. Many of them were old favorites from when my teens were little – new and re-imagined.  I knew these shows had great content and I was so excited to share them again!

It is vital for kids to learn the complex dynamics of life, even from a young age – and learning through their senses such as hearing, and sight can be a big part of teaching them actual life lessons! With on-demand resources, such as WildBrain, parents have an easily accessible resource to help educate preschoolers through the power of storytelling.

These are some of these shows that we watched this weekend – and I reminisced a bit, I will have to say. But each of these shows has a heartwarming way of making a life crisis or a life lesson so simple for young minds to understand.

Brum and Friends – Brum was a favorite at our house years ago, so I was thrilled to watch it again in a new cartoon version.  Everything about this little car makes me happy, especially the lesson he shares when he’s NOT perfect!

Ellie Explorer – Animals, adventure, and super cute songs – that’s everything kids love!  Ellie has such energy as she shares about the animal world.  I find myself humming along a lot!

Kiddyzuzaa – all about “Princesses in Real Life” with a lot of fun and silliness, and some giant eggs!  These magical make-believe Princesses aren’t your everyday Princesses, they take on some everyday things like learning to count, bedtime routines, and going back to school. Plus, they’ve also just released a new animated series, called Kiddyzuzaa Land – which is both wacky and wonderful!

Calliou – the old school stories are made new again in a brand-new format but the same old Calliou!   Kids always seem to LOVE Calliou, and he always has an adventure waiting for him. (Pssst – love Caillou? Check out our other blog, ‘Four Ways Caillou Helped Us Learn and Grow’)

Billy Bricks We loved Lego and stop motion, so I was thrilled to see this stop-motion series that brings to life our favorite LEGO heroes! Kids seem to love watching stop-motion toy play videos, as they give them lots of creative inspiration for their own real-life play time. When my teen walked into the room, he sat and watched some of it. Who doesn’t love heroes and Legos? 

WildBrain is a free resource for so many adorable shows that are perfect for the sweet little ones who are still quite impressionable. I loved how accessible their shows were using the YouTube app. Plus, whenever I see the WildBrain logo, I know that it’s content I can trust. Useful, when surfing YouTube!

I was happy to help out with my friend’s kiddos and got a chance to relive the life of a mom of littles. There were messy art projects, some song singing, and thanks to WildBrain, some fun screen time for us too!

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