5 Roman Catholic Church Wedding Ideas You Should Consider


Did you know that the year 2022 will have the most weddings in the U.S. since 1984? Next year is predicted to have 2.47 million weddings, up from the 1.93 million in 2021. 

When planning a wedding, every bride wants theirs to be unique and tailored to them and their future husband. To read about five Roman Catholic church wedding ideas, keep reading. 

1. Nuptial Mass

Whether you are having a small church wedding or a big church wedding, you have the option to plan a nuptial mass. This is the part of the wedding that feels reminiscent of mass. 

A nuptial mass begins with the altar being prepared for the Liturgy of the Eucharist with friends and family presenting the gifts. A song will accompany these actions, and then the priest will lead everyone in prayer. When it comes to Catholic wedding traditions, this one is one of the most popular. 

2. Holy Communion

For your wedding ceremony, you can opt for holy communion without the traditional nuptial mass. If you offer communion at your wedding, your guests will line up before the priest and wait for their turn. However, only Catholics can participate in this tradition. 

If you have any non-Catholic guests, they can go up with their arms crossed and receive a blessing or remain seated.

3. Foot Washing Ceremony

A tradition that is increasing in popularity is a foot-washing ceremony. For those unfamiliar with this wedding plan, it is when the bride and groom wash each other’s feet in a bowl and dry them with a towel. 

This church wedding tradition symbolizes humility and a willingness to serve your partner, as Jesus did for his disciplines. Incorporating this as one of your church wedding ideas shows a commitment to your partner till death do you part. 

4. Unity Candle

Lighting a unity candle signifies that the two of you have become one. The candle is lit by the bride and groom from two separate family candles and represents the unification of the two families. 

Often, the mothers light the family candles, and the bride and groom light the unity candle together. Traditionally, if you are in a church for a wedding ceremony, the unity candle’s lighting will occur after you exchange vows. 

Alternatives to the candle include a wine ceremony or a sand and water ceremony, which have the same meaning but through a different medium. 

5. The Universal Prayer

Known as the general intercessions or prayer of the faithful happen right after the exchanging of the rings. While most intercessions are from Sunday Mass, many churches will allow the couple to write the intercessions for their ceremony. 

The universal prayer allows everyone to reflect on the occasion so couples can pray for themselves, their guests, those who are no longer with us, and any other things they deem necessary. 

Get Started on Your Church Wedding Ideas Strategy Today

Planning your wedding and choosing between various church wedding ideas can seem daunting. It takes a lot of time and energy to prepare for this big day, so we hope our list of ideas helps. 

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Genevieve D. Midgette
Genevieve D. Midgette
1 year ago

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1 year ago

Very interesting article. I got engaged not a long time ago, but I have already started thinking about the wedding. And you know, without the help of specialists or other informational resources, it can be hard to plan everything. Some time ago, I found one article with different wedding ideas, and there I found a few, which I think I will use.